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Hey guys, hope you are having a great Thursday! Today something that I would like to discuss is Graphic Design which is skill that I have used here and there throughout my time at IUP, but I personally have not taken a class directly associated with graphic design.

You may be wondering, what exactly is graphic design? Graphic design in a modern sense is the use of technology to create visual content but it also is creating content using traditional mediums that do not require technology. Some of the common problems people face when it comes to graphic design are thinking they are not artistic, creative and not being technologically inclined enough to be able to create the type of content they dream about.

When looking at graphic design, the most common application I have had to use it for is creating logos. I have had to create a few logos in my college career and also, I had to create one that was freelance work for my best friend’s mom who owns a Hawaiian massage business. It can be daunting when thinking about creating a logo especially if you aren’t that artistic of a person and trust me, I am not artistic by any means. What I recommend is completing a basic sketch on paper with your ideas and then working from there. There are many programs that can assist you with graphic design which include Photoshop, Inkscape, and Illustrator being for the more advanced user. If you are a beginner though you can utilize applications on your phone that take a lot of the hard work out of the equation and make it a lot easier on yourself. Also, there are a lot of tutorials online that have step by step instruction that show you how to be able to create awesome content, but you have to be willing to learn, go outside your comfort zone and be patient!

What I have learned from personal experience is to just have fun with it and to not worry a lot about your content being good enough. It is okay to make mistakes when you are new at something but as time goes on, we naturally get better at what we do the more exposed we are to something. Graphic design can be very challenging, but also can be rewarding and a valuable skill to have for personal use or a future job!

What do you guys think about graphic design? When were you first introduced to the topic? If you had to create a new logo for one of your favorite companies what would it look like and why? Comment below, I am always interested in hearing what others would do!

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