Determining which Communications Media track is best for you

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Something that I want to talk to you guys about is something that I faced when looking at my major of Communications Media and that is choosing the right academic track which is essentially the focus / concentration of your studies. IUP offers 3 different tracks: Media Marketing, Studies or Production. Each of these options still all have a general focus on Communications Media and offer a lot of the same core classes, but also have classes that are specifically tailored for your concentration. It can be very challenging when trying to choose the correct track that best fits your interests. I personally am in the Media Studies track and I really like it because you have the most freedom to take what interests you in the communications field and your kind of almost building your track based on your own personal interests. I have taken a mixture of classes that are offered in the different tracks but only because they were of interest to me, not necessarily required. A lot of other colleges offer a communications degree which is only offered with one track, which does not allow for a lot of freedom. I admire the fact that IUP offers a lot of options for its students.

One of the main obstacles that one may face is figuring out the right track for you. Something that I suggest is looking at the IUP undergraduate catalog or going onto IUP’s website which has all of the majors and concentrations listed with what is to be expected of you. In my own experience, I found this to be very helpful and was a major determining factor along with consulting faculty in the department and telling them my goals for college and my career afterwards.

Another helpful solution could be to do your own personal research on the communications field and seen what you are capable of doing with a degree in communications. Once you do some research, it can also be helpful to take a few communications classes for you to get a feel for what it is like and that is exactly what I did. Something that heavily influenced my choice of being a communications media major was taking COMM 143 which is just a wellness class, but it exposed me to the major and field I have grown to love dearly.

With all of that being said, what do you guys think about the different tracks IUP offers its students? What was the ultimate determining factor when it came to your choice of track? Comment down below!

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