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Hello everyone, it has been a very long day today! I conquered Cedar Point, visited old coworkers and went to one of my favorite sushi places right near Cedar Point. Today I would like to talk about public speaking and how I think it is one of the best skills that anyone can learn, even though it is something that can be scary at first.

In life, we communicate in many forms including written, vocal and digital mediums. Each and every one of these forms come with their own benefits but often the one that garners the most fear is public speaking; which involves talking in front of a group of people in a mostly formal manner varying from a single person to a large group of people. It can be very intimidating when having to talk in front of a group of people that you don’t know, but from personal experience I can say that practicing public speaking earlier in life will have you more prepared for your life post-college.

I have always thought of public speaking as a daunting task that was top of my list for personal fears. Growing up I was always a shy person that did not interact a lot with people to begin with and the thought of speaking in front of people was just plain scary to me. Senior year of high school I was advised by my English teacher to take her public speaking class my last semester of school and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. We would write speeches and then end up presenting them in the auditorium in front of the rest of our class. This allowed me to become comfortable with public speaking and was one of the classes from high school that meant the most to me. Fast-forward five years later I took two of Dr. Ortiz’s classes one being “Making Presentations with Media” and “Teamwork and Communication Skills.” Both of these classes built upon my public speaking class from high school and incorporated the use of group public speaking and technology use. With the skills I have gained from all of these classes combined have made me very comfortable with public speaking and something that I honestly look forward to!

My best advice to you is to take a class that has a focus on public speaking, the instructor is there to help you and your fellow classmates are probably just as nervous as you are! But by the end of the course you all interact without hesitation which creates a very supportive environment. On top of taking a course, I also recommend looking at videos on YouTube related to public speaking as there are a ton of them that are very helpful!

Are you guys afraid of public speaking? Feel free to drop a comment and tell me if you are or aren’t, what you like / dislike about it and how you think it would be a beneficial skill to have. If you have any questions with my experience with it also feel free to reach out. It has been a long day, ready to get some sleep and make the 5 hour drive back to Pennsylvania bright and early tomorrow, but not without some coffee first!

Have a great day,



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