Copyright Problems For Graphic Designers

My next topic will be copyright. Copyright is when your company gives exclusive legal right, to print, publish, or perform your products. I am addressing this because it is extremely important to make sure that you are obtaining copyright if you are not using your own material.  This interested me too because I have seen plenty of lawsuits from people using other people’s products without their approval.

The problem involved with copyright, is if companies are sharing their work publicly to gain clients, there are people who can take your product and use it for their own. Graphic designers are specifically the victims of this. Up and coming designers could share some of their work so that they can gain some exposure and end up getting their creation stolen.

A solution for this would be to add a watermark to your creation before you post it so that your name is always visible on it. This will prevent your work from getting used without your consent. Another solution would be to use the sources available online to you so that you can learn more about copyright and how to not become a victim of it. Another thing you can do is simply get your work copyrighted by sending an application to the U.S Copyright office.

My opinion on this matter is that before you begin sharing your products online, to at least watermark your product so that there will be no way of someone to steal it. I believe that there are people online all the time looking to steal from original content creators, so you need to be wary when you post online. My friend was a victim of this. He was making beats online and just posting instrumentals onto his social media page, and someone took his beat and made a song on it and it even got popular within my city. He tried to act, and he couldn’t because he did not trademark his beat.

My question to the audience is have you or a friend of yours become of victim of someone taking what you created? Did you try and take legal action? Please feel free to comment below, and I will be looking forward to reading your replies! Also please like and subscribe to my blog!


Assimilation And Its Effects

My Topic for this blog post will be assimilation and when is the good time for it. Assimilation is when companies are keeping up with trends by using the same techniques that are becoming popular. I am addressing assimilation in graphic design because it is important for companies to know when and when not to use it.

The problem with assimilation is that if everyone else is beginning to copy the same trends, then there will be no difference in business between companies. Assimilation limits progress and makes design work seem less creditable. If it all looks the same, then it gives the impression that anyone could do it.

A solution to this problem would be to make sure your design is solving the problem at hand and to work towards a style that fits the project, instead of implementing the same style for all of them. You want your design to stand out and design to solve the problem that works best for the client.

My opinion on this topic is that trends are cool and all because it is what is popular at the time, but it is important for companies to remember that those trends die, and your clients will want what is best fit for the company. If everybody is doing the same trends, then it can negatively affect the industry as well and make your work seem less credible as well.

My question for the audience is what are new trends that you have seen becoming popular with a lot of people now a days? Is it an entertainment trend, industry trend, artistic trend or anything else? Please comment your answers below, I look forward to seeing your responses! Also please like and subscribe to my blog!


Staying Relevant

The topic that I will be discussing today will be relevance. I am addressing this topic because It is important for companies to remain relevant so that they can continue to increase business and maintain profit. It is interesting to me because I am trying to own a business a point in my life, and I feel like it is important to learn how to maintain relevancy.

The problems that can rise is maintaining relevance. With the increasing amount of graphic design companies rising, it is getting harder and harder for a company to maintain their clients. When these new businesses are starting up, they begin offering special deals and discounts so that they can take customers away from other companies.

Some solutions to this problem would be to keep your clients happy. Ways that can be achieved is by maintaining your relationship with each client and offering them good deals so that they will not feel the need to search for a different company. If you are not giving a reason for a company to want to leave you and is constantly trying to build relationships, then your relevancy should be maintained.

My opinion on this is that with businesses growing, there will be more work but also more competition. Your priority should be to focus on the newfound businesses so that you can begin to establish your relationship with them. Staying relevant is important for businesses and it is up to the company to figure out ways to not only maintain it but increase your relevance as well.

My question for the audience is what are some creative ways that you would maintain your relevance? And how would you deal with the rising competition? Please respond with your answers below, I will look forward to reading them! Also please like and subscribe to my blog!


Competition Overseas

The next topic I will be discussing will be competition overseas. I am addressing this because overseas competition has been big for graphic designers because of the benefits that overseas give to business owners in America. I am interested in this topic because designers overseas have become most designers in America’s biggest competitors.

The main problem with overseas competition is that graphic designers overseas charge far less than the average pricing in America. The cheap prices provided by businesses overseas captures the eye of a business wanting to cut down on their budget for advertisements and save money. As oversea companies are getting better and better in designing for companies, they will continue to be a big competitor for graphic designers.

The biggest solution to this would be for graphic designers to create special deals for a limited time and create membership opportunities so that they can receive discounts on advertisements. Companies need to continue to gain exposure to their company by reaching out to companies, especially the fresh starting ones.

My opinion on the matter is that I will take the time to reach out to a lot of companies so that I can gain exposure throughout my city and build relationships with them so that they can continue to come back to my company. To decrease competition, I believe a company really needs to begin to build relationships with other companies. Businesses that has no relationships with local companies will typically decide to take the cheap route, and that is when oversea designers will come in.

My question to the audience is what are things you can think of that will help reduce oversea competition? And also, what are ways that local companies can build relationships with other companies? Please feel free to write you answer below in the comment section! And please like and subscribe to my blog!


Tight Deadlines

My next topic will be tight deadlines. Tight deadlines are when a client rush designer to finish the project within an amount of time less than what is needed. I am addressing this because it is a real issue in the graphic designing business and can lead to mistakes or less creative work.

Problems that exist within tight deadlines are rushed work which can then lead to unsatisfied clients. And this is a big problem because with unsatisfied clients, could lead to less work for your business. Clients should be able to give flexible deadlines within a reasonable time so that they, there customers, and the designers feel satisfied.

The solution to tight deadlines should be clients are able to give deadlines that are comfortable for both parties. Client should reach out to the designers well before the time that they want to have their advertisements up. For graphic designers, if they are in the situation where they must work within a tight schedule, there best solution would be to assign new members temporarily to that project. So that way, the workload can be easier managed.

My opinion on the matter would be to charge clients a little more for giving tight deadlines, and especially for the ones where the deadlines seem unreasonable. Graphic designing is already difficult, but to rush our work makes it seem even harder. It would result in more hours, and the work potentially being rushed and not given much thought into the design.

My question for the audience is how would you handle clients giving you tight deadlines? Would it be a problem to you or not? Please comment your answers below. I look forward to reading your answers and please like and subscribe to my blog!



Thoughtful Designs

The topic I will be discussing will be thoughtful designs, and how a great logo and design is needed to create a great advertisement. A great logo and thoughtful design can tell the story about your business, what you do, or the history behind it. The reason I am addressing it is because a picture is worth a thousand words, so people should be able to look at your graphic and immediately have a sense for what your business does.

The problems that come with this is not having enough detail to create a great design for your client. A client demands the best design fitting for them, and sometimes it is a hard task if we are not given enough information on it. If we are not given enough detail, it will be incredibly harder to put more thought into the design.

In order for them to help us, they should be able to tell us the meaning of their company and what it stands for, give us a legitimate logo, and your primary colors as well. The more information that they give us regarding there company, the more though we can put into the design, which will in turn catch more of the audience’s attention and bring the company more clients.

My take on the matter is that if a business is wanting to hire a graphic designer, they should be able to give them all the things listed above as well. Once we have more knowledge of the company, it will become easier for us to build the perfect advertisement for you.

My question for the audience is what skills and qualities would a great graphic designer need to create thoughtful designs for their clients? This should be a refresher from one of my previous posts! Please feel free to comment your answers below so I can read your thoughtful answers! Also please like and subscribe to my blog!

Multiple Solutions

The problem I will be addressing will be when groups tend to come up with different solutions. A group having multiple solutions is common, but it is up to them to come up with a final product. The reason I am addressing this is because I believe groups should be able to come together with one final solution. I am interested in this particular topic because I know that in the future, it will come a time when we disagree on what the final product should be.

The main problem with coming up with being in teams are the fact that you will come up with different ideas for the design. Sometimes a person will really stand by his idea and not want to use anything else, and then more problems will arise such as a delay in finish and potential loss in money, and one little problem can turn into a big one.

the best solution for this would be to let your team understand that it is a group effort. Also, to have the boss be the one who decides which design would be used for each project. This will take stress off the other members of the team by feeling like they need to vote, and they can just focus entirely on creating designs.

Personally, I love the fact that in a group, there are multiple ideas towards a project because if everyone both produce good ideas on certain subjects of the paper, they can be combined into one. Another way to help with this would be to have your team each work on specific parts of the project and then come together to see if they are acceptable, or if they need to be redone. That way you can reduce competition within your own team, and they don’t have to feel rushed so they can perform to their best ability.

My question for the audience is what are ways that you would reduce competition within a team? And if you were the leader, how would you handle groups and their multiple solutions? Please write your answer down below, I can’t wait to hear your responses to this question! Also, please like and subscribe to my blog!



The topic I will speaking about today will be competition in graphic designing and differentiating yourself from your competition. All companies have competition that operate in the same type of business as each other. The most important thing to do is to try and find a way that makes you stand out. I am addressing this because I believe that when finding ways to differentiate yourself, will set your company apart from the rest. Me aspiring to be a future business owner, find this topic interesting because I want to learn the best ways to differentiate myself.

The main problem with competition is that businesses will come up with special deals so that they can persuade their competition’s clients to come to them. This is a good idea generally, but companies need to be wary of their budgeting and knowing when the right time is to start these deals.

The best solution to this is graphic designers. Most small businesses must find things that will separate themselves from other companies, in order to be competitive. And the best way is to hire a graphic designer to make your business stand out to your audience and to the competition.

Personally, I am all for competition. Being a student athlete competition is in my blood and I could never see myself running away from it. I want to be the best there is and nothing else. So, I could see competition potentially being my problem because I will want to find any way to outdo them even if it means to potentially lose money for a short period of time. That is why I will mostly have a consultant to help me make more rational decisions.

My question to the audience is what measures will you take to beat your competition? Will you be willing to lose a little money to gain more customers or no? please explain your reasoning below, I look forward to reading your answers and reasoning! Also please like and subscribe to my blog!


Working In Groups

The topic I will be speaking about is working in groups. Working in teams are common for graphic designers because more heads will help bring about a greater design for the client. I am choosing to address this topic because some people don’t recognize the importance of being able to work in groups and there are various problems that can arise from working in groups as well. I am interested because I have plenty of experience with lacking group members that can bring you and your group down.

The main problem that arise when working in groups is when you have a group member so is slacking and bringing your group down, which in turn is bringing the company down. Graphic designing is a business that working in groups are needed, to help each other with creativity and coming up with great designs. If a member is being negative, then the results could then come out negative as well.

The best solution for when you are working in groups is to address the problem as soon as it arrives. Sometimes humans can go through emotional things throughout life and it can affect their level of work. The best thing to do in this situation is to discover it and try and help, but if the situation arrives just simply ask for him to be replaced temporarily or take a break.

Personally, I have had past experiences of working in groups and having a partner not turn in his part of the assignment which would cost us a large number of points. I understand the feeling, because I was livid someone else was in control of my grade in such a negative way. I learned to start working in groups with people you know are reliable and will be able to perform their part of the task.

Okay audience, have you ever experienced a bad group member who costed you points or money? If so, please explain what happened in the comments below. I look forward to seeing your responses and please like and subscribe to my blog!