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Hey everyone! Welcome back to GiGi’s Game Day Go To, Sideline reports on Women’s Sports.  Today I will have the honor to be interviewing an all-American Alumni from our very own, IUP. Back in 2016 when she graduated, she was all time leading scorer in ground balls with 161! Second overall in caused turn overs with 91, and eighth overall in draw controls with 100! Oh yeah, did I mention that she’s my coach?

GiGi: Hey everyone, I’m here with Brenna Gallagher, I mean Coach B

Brenna:  Good Save GiGi, Hi, my names Brenna Gallagher and I’m the head women’s lacrosse coach at IUP and I’m going into my second season.

GiGi: Alright Coach, so since you have lived the athlete life here before, in what ways do you think it’s changed?

Brenna: I think that there’s been a lot of positive things happening to the department overall not just for female sports but for everyone in general. Back in May we got a new Athletic Director. Who’s been doing a lot of positive things for the department getting the Athletic Director more cohesive, adding in some new updates to the field house, and I’m just really excited to see what’s to come with all the things that are changing. What do you think?

GiGi: I agree, I think that having a new athletic director being so involved with athletics is really having a positive impact on all the athletic teams.

GiGi: So, since we have a new turf in the field house, how do you think that will be beneficial towards us?

Brenna: I think that having new update in aux gym will be very helpful during preseason. We’re a spring sports, but it’s really cold most of our preseason so having another option other than SnT Bank Arena and also to just do extra work with the girls I think will be super helpful once we get into our season.

GiGi: Yeah, any time that I’m not outside in the snow or the cold, that’s a good time for me.

GiGi: So, after losing 7 seniors last year, how do you think our team looks so far this year?

Brenna: I think coming back this fall with so many graduated seniors I think that it was a lil scary for the team, but in reality, only 3 of those seniors performed last season consistently and I really think that we had a lot of young talent last year that’s ready to step into those roles. And the freshmen have been doing a really good job so I’m excited for what’s to come. What do you think GiGi?

GiGi: I agree I think  you guys should all come out and support women’s lacrosse this spring.

GiGi: Last year coaching alone, now that you have Coach E how do you thnk that will help us?

Brenna: I think that having any help is always good but especially someone that I’ve worked with before at the past university I was at has been great, we get a long really well, we both have different strengths when comes to coaching on field and off the field so I think that the girls have apricated having more help and they all have seemed to adapted to coach E very well, what do you think GiGi?

GiGi: Yeah, I think that having two coaches that mesh so well together just really brings a positive energy to practice and everyone wants to be there.

GiGi: Alright, thanks for your time

Brenna: Thanks for having me GiGi

Both: go hawks!

GiGi: That’s Brenna Gallagher everybody, be sure to like, subscribe, share and click the bell for more content so you don’t miss anymore sideline reports on women’s sports.


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