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An intriguing and exciting novel, Magnetic opens up the world of futuristic America and the struggles the country faces with stabilizing a falling population. With the loss of traditional marriages and family values, the America of 2098 is a world with contracts and legally binding obligations to the new government. It describes the struggle of young loves to express themselves in a world that no longer believes in love.


What is this book?

This EBook shows the first two chapters of the novel Magnetic, detailing the life of Bailey Case, a girl born with a rare heart disease who underwent an illegal surgery as a baby.

This is a futuristic world with corruption, altered ways of living, strict government policies, and the secret life of a handful of characters who are living with magnets inside their hearts.

Magnetic shows promise through the complications of a strictly government-run and divided country with the idea of finding love and soul mate for our current world, which is struggling as the divorce rate increases.

The book demonstrates strong writing in a new way with the creation of a future where the promise of love is still a reality.


Why is Magnetic unique?

Significant: The divorce rate in America has been dropping for the past several years and it continues to drop, despite the resistance toward marriage that is creeping across the country. Many people of this generation are losing faith in the institution of marriage and the promise of love as a result of seeing so much destruction in relationships. This novel depicts a future world where the promise of love and finding a soul mate is still real.


Carefully Crafted: This novel is the product of two years of work. It grew from the idea that the world needed to believe that finding a soul mate was still possible, and became a project to give hope for all others who value love, faith, and self-importance.


Audience: This work of fiction is set in a complex world of confusion, corruption, and secrets. It is for science fiction buffs as well as romantics. It is for people who need to remember that life will always have brighter moments even in the dark. It is for me, a dedication to my friends, and for those who need to remember that, as cliché as it is, love really can conquer the darkness.



Why this book is free and will remain free…

When I first sent Magnetic to a publisher, they wanted $64,000 to get my book printed, published, bound, and put out in stores. As a college student, that is a highly unrealistic price for me to pay. In the same way, it is unrealistic, and slightly selfish, for me to ask my friends to go to a novelty bookstore and pay between $9.99 and $15.99 for chapters of a project they have supported me through.

I also believe that this book will serve as a good distraction for those who need it, as well as a reminder for those going through a hard time that the world, as complex and dark as it continues to grow, has potential and will continue to thrive.


Pass it on…

A free version of this book will also be published to its own page linked to my blog,, and a link will be put in my bio on my Twitter account, (@erin__brigid). I plan to continue to add my future publications and writings on the blog page, in addition to leaving this page active, in hopes to stay active with my audience. If you can think of anyone who will enjoy this work, please feel free to share the HTML document or the EBook with them. Thank you, readers.


Download the Free EPUB VERSION:

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About the Author

Erin Kennedy is finishing her degree in English on the Writing Studies track at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her minors are in history and anthropology, with a focal point centered on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She’s written and been published in Black and Grey Magazine, a national publication for art and literature, and for the City of Pittsburgh following her internship during summer of 2015. When she isn’t writing, Erin enjoys reading, hiking, kayaking, and driving around getting lost in the spring, summer, and fall months.


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