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Different Shot Types

Filming is something that can seem so easy, yet be so hard. When filming you are trying to tell a story or show something to the people in your world or community. The way to tell the story is to… Continue Reading →

Spread Positivity

As everyone should know the world is going through something it has never gone through before. This is due to a pandemic that has caused many if not all lives to change. This has been a very difficult time for… Continue Reading →

How to Write a Script

Writing a script is similar to writing a story, but it is more of a story that is broken up into pieces. These pieces are to help the filming process to be efficient. You start with a script and then… Continue Reading →

Tips to Finding Your Own Voice

No matter what anyone does in their life or career they will have their own voice in what they say or do.  It is important to separate yourself from other people. Here are tips to help with your own voice:… Continue Reading →

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