Filming is something that can seem so easy, yet be so hard. When filming you are trying to tell a story or show something to the people in your world or community. The way to tell the story is to get the right shots and to get your audience interested.  Below are 6 different types of shots that are used to capture the perfect view. 

Different types of shots:


  1. Eye-Level Shot

This shot is important because it is close and personal. This is perfect when you are getting an intense shot or trying to focus on someone’s emotion. Also, being eye-level makes the audience see the person in the shot almost as being there in real life.


      2. Birds-Eye-View Shot

An overview of your subject can be found using this shot. It is an elevated shot that looks down on the subject. This can help make something look dramatic or just to use a different view for the audience. 


      3. Low Angle Shot

Trying to be dramatic or make something seem more than it is? This angle is perfect for those reasons. This angle makes people seem like they are the top dog or superior over other people. This is a popular angle used to give people power in different types of ways. This could be to make someone look evil or as a hero. 


       4. Medium Shot

This is a common shot used which is a waist upshot. This type of shot is perfect because you can see the subject and the background as well. An example would be a man on the top of a mountain. This could be to show one man in one world, or simply just the simple beauty of nature.


       5. Wide Shot

Trying to get a perfect view of a person and a place? This shot allows for the subject to not take up a majority of the space. There can be any amount of space around the subject. This shot captures the beauty in places along with the person there. 


        6. Noddy Shot

Need a shot to get someone’s reaction? This is the shot that you are looking for. It can be anything from smiling to a shot of someone laughing. A noddy shot is simply for expression and reaction. 


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