Writing a script is similar to writing a story, but it is more of a story that is broken up into pieces. These pieces are to help the filming process to be efficient. You start with a script and then the rest is up to you. The script will show you how long the film will be in length.

You want to start by choosing a title that best suits what you are writing about. You can pick before, during, or after you are done with the writing process. The beauty in this is that it is up to you and there are no guidelines for it.

Scene Heading
This lets the crew know where the scene is going to take place. If the scene is indoor you want to put “INT.” and if it is outside you want to put “EXT.”

Every time there is a different camera position, there is a different shot. If you are in one location for the entire film then there will be only one location. When the location changes, that is when there is a new scene. You want to be creative with this and think about what will catch your viewers attention. For example, if you put the camera in one place for a 10-minute vlog I can guarantee that most people will not watch the entire video.

This part of scriptwriting is key. At the beginning and end of the video or even throughout, you need to fade in and out. This can be an action or even just an image or sound. In the scripts, you have to include any transitions. The most common transition, in my opinion, is jump cuts because of the switching in shots.

Probably your favorite part about scriptwriting is the dialogue of it. This is what you want your characters to be saying on or off-screen. You want to keep the dialogue interesting and not too wordy. To show how a character is talking, you want to add parentheticals.

No matter what you choose to write about, you will have at least one character if not many. Each character needs to be known for something or who they are to make it easier for viewers.

Be yourself and use your voice in your scriptwriting and you will be successful. If you are inspired by some writers, only use that to help yourself grow not to steal their ideas.

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