When Offset proposed to Cardi B’ at ‘Power House’ last year it had everyone in shock. That shock was followed up by more shock only a few weeks later when the world found out Cardi was pregnant after she showed her baby bump on an episode of Saturday Night Live. And now we find out that Cardi and Offset are already married. The ‘motorsport’ couple had their baby shower today and that’s where they spilled the beans. Apparently the two had a secret wedding in September of 2017 that no one knew about. And the proposal at was just nothing but a publicity move that also let the people know how serious they’re relationship is. The thing I find weird though, is that people are upset that they got married in private. When does being monitored by the world become to much? Being a celebrity can be overwhelming at times. People tend to forget that just because someone is famous that doesn’t make them invincible. They have feelings just like the average citizen does and they deserve to have their privacy as well. Although that isn’t the case most times. So if Cardi and Offset decided to get married and didn’t share with the world that is their right to do so. Everything isn’t for everybody and something like a wedding is special and it should be celebrated the way the people getting married want it to be celebrated. So if that means no paparazzi, no Instagram photos, and things of that nature then so be it. I think as fans we forget to respect the stars privacy and personal space and that has become somewhat problematic. I feel like a universal level of respect needs to be reestablished because people should be able to live their lives in peace. Nobody deserves to be harassed and stalked all the time.  I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents on the matter as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy. Do you agree or disagree?

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