Earlier this week the roster of artist who are set to perform at this years Made in America concert was released to the public. This event has become somewhat of a tradition in the hip-hop culture as it has become an annual event since 2012 when rapper/mogul Jay-Z announced the first concert. Made in America isn’t your regular concert, it’s really more of a music festival. Typical concerts last for the upward end of three and a half hours, not Made in America. This concert last for two days. Held at the iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA, the Made in America concerts bring out people from all across the globe as there aren’t toon many hip-hop events like this one were so many of the hottest artist take the stage all in one night. That being said I can only imagine the frustration some fans may have felt after getting news that Nicki Minaj may take herself all this years ticket. Now if you haven’t heard yet, Nicki is threatening to remove herself from the ticket if Philadelphia native rapper and ex-boyfriend Meek Mill isn’t removed. Nicki has made it very clear that she will have no parts of this years festivities. That is however, if her ex lover and apparently no longer friend, is also going to be on the ticket as she’s taken a “Him or Me” approach to the situation. Here’s the thing though. I don’t see Jay-Z taking Meek off the ticket just to make Nicki happy. Especially considering the fact that Meek is basically a part of Roc-Nation and is also close with Jay-Z outside of music. Not to also mention that Meek just recently got out of prison from doing six months on a controversial probation violation that stirred up the country in a sense. The media coverage behind his case was extraordinary and was a big part in him being released when he was. Meek is an icon in the music game and a legend in Philadelphia. There is no way on earth that Jay-Z takes him off the show because Nicki Minaj is still bothered by their breakup, when really this is business and should be conducted as such, but thats neither here or there. The show must go on, and Jay hasn’t made any statements indicating that her request will be granted so I think it’s pretty safe to say Nicki just won’t be performing this year.  What do you think? I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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