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Go Into The Story

Go Into The Story is a blog run by Scott Myers. This blog was awarded the “Best of the Best”, by writers digest. Go Into The story is a full services site having everything from advice to Masterclasses.

The Bitter Script Reader’s Byline

“The advice and rantings of a Hollywood script reader tired of seeing screenwriters make the same mistakes, saving the world from bad writing one screenplay at a time. Learn what it takes to get your script past one of these mythical Gatekeepers.”

Writers Guild of America

When you do become A screenwriter the Writers Guild is most definitely a website that you need to know. The Writers Guild of America will help with “They’ll get you fair wages, healthcare, special invites, and even resources you need from project to project.”



Making Movies

Even though this book is about the over all making of a movie it mentions the importance of scriptwriting and a director choose a particular script.

The Hollywood Pitching Bible

Even though it is called the pitching bible it gives great insight in to what it is needed in a script to make it enticing. This book talks about loglines, Genre mixing, the importance of main characters, etc.

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