Learn to Sail 101

IUP Sailing club invites new and returning members to the first session of spring “shore-school.” The lake is still frozen, but you can get a head-start on the sailing season by learning the basics through shore school. In the first of four half-hour sessions introduces teh wind, boat physics and nomenclature, capsizing and basic knots. Have you ever wanted to learn to sail? The IUP Sailing Club is open to all members of the IUP community (students, faculty and staff.) Weather permitting, the club sails each Sunday at nearby Yellowcreek State Park.

Club meeting begins at 8pm in HSS 112. Shore school at 8:30pm.

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Sailing lessons and other permanent materials remain accessible through this blog.

IUP Recognizes Corinthian Sailors

corinthians2016The IUP Sailing Club recognizes the Corinthian spirit as inherent to good sailing and good citizenship. Each year it may recognize one or more members as models of that spirit. Seniors Karl Richter (Safety Science) and Philip Dorn (Hospitality Management) received the innagural award in May 2016.
According to US Sailing, “The Corinthian Spirit” entails “Good sportsmanship, rules compliance, helping other sailors, putting your crew first, good behavior, and prioritizing values all add up to the Corinthian Spirit…. It provides the framework within which sailors can pursue their own personal goals and have fun with friends.” (US Sailing)

Karl Richter has been a member of the club for eight semesters, serving as Fleet Captain, Educator, and Equipment Manager. As a club officer, he participated in regattas and devoted over 160 hours of service to the club and Yellow Creek State Park. He instructed IUP students in learn to sail and helped facilicate outreach programs.

Philip Dorn has been a member for four semesters, serving as treasurer and 2016 club president. Phil has volunteered over 60 hours to club projects and work at Yellow Creek State Park, including construction, landscaping, and leading sailing outreach programs.

Both sailors have represented IUP at regattas in the Mid-Atlantic Sailing Association.

Happy end of semester



The sailing season this spring was shockingly short — with ice on the lake into April!  But hearty souls don’t mind getting their feet wet in the frigid water.  Have a great summer, sailors.  If you live in the area, and are certified, remember you can use the club boats.  Graduates, alumni … remember you are eligible for life to be a member of the club.  Don’t quit sailing just because you’re done taking classes!

Contact the advisor with questions about access.


Team Sails in First Ever Intercollegiate Regatta for IUP


Annapolis, MD – May 3, 2014
IUP Sailing Club members Karl Richter and Joe Cristello represented IUP in the Pinkerton Memorial Regatta on Saturday. The pair traveled to Annapolis where they sailed against the University of Maryland, Salisbury University, and University of Maryland Baltimore.
“It was our first and certainly not our last! Here’s to a long lasting legacy for IUP Sailing” said Richter. And from Cristello’s perspective, “The regatta was an amazing experience with wonderful people at an absolutely beautiful location”
Waking at 6:00AM, the IUP sailors headed to the water to rig and launch the two-person FJ sailboat. They competed in a series of 16 round-the-buoy races, sailing for a total of seven hours. “We had a blast! Next time we’ll bring more sailors. Sailing for seven hours is tiring and the other teams had constant rotations.”
Racing began at 10am with light air but built to 8 knots by noon and peaked at 13 knots around 4pm; perfect conditions for a race.
According to Cristello, “There’s no beginner’s luck in sailing. But we learned so much competing against other sailors and we were able to gradually improve and hone our abilities through the day.” 


“We were a very competitive team for out first time. We only missed 3rd by a few sets,” said Richter.
Another challenge for the new racers–this was the first time Cristello and Richter had sailed FJs. “We learned a lot about FJ sailboats. And we met a neat group of people, students and coaches from the other schools” said Richter. Visiting teams bring their PFDs and personal gear, while the host team provides sailboats for all competitors in intercollegiate regattas. One team-mate takes the tiller, while the crew member tends the jib sheets.


Karl Richter, a Sophomore and Safety Science major is from Bangor, PA. He sailed for many years and works at the waterfront of a summer camp when not studying at IUP. Karl was elected Fleet Captain for 2014-15. Richter notes he’s proud “knowing we were the start of something new for IUP and for the sailing club!”
Joe Cristello, is a Freshman Natural Science/Pre-Pharmacy major from Natrona Heights, PA. He learned to sail with the IUP club beginning this past fall. Joe was elected club president for 2014-15.
The club regularly sails at Yellow Creek State Park, 12 miles west of IUP in Penn Run, PA. The new IUP Sailing Club was founded in 2012, and purchased six JY15 sailboats with the support of the Student Cooperative Association in 2013. Currently, they are collaborating with the park and Friends of Yellow Creek to reopen the historic sailing base.
The club welcomes beginners and experienced sailors. All members of the IUP community may join, including staff, faculty, and alumni. Classroom workshops are provided fall and spring, and free sailing lessons at the lake are provided during the good weather while school is in session. Instructors Richter, Julia Campbell (club educator, Sophomore, Child Studies) and club advisor Kenneth Sherwood (Prof. English) are US Sailing instructors, giving members the opportunity to become certified small-boat sailors. For more information, visit the website at: blog.iup.edu/sailingclub/ or email iupsailingclub@gmail.com