Kodak the rapper trio feud with lil Wayne & his daughter

Today’s news, the rapper Kodak is a up tempo, very rambunctious and sometimes loud about his feelings, he recently went at one of the most infamous and lyrically artist lil Wayne. From his retrospective he was intoxicated while he went on a mini rant but quickly cleaned up what he said. Basically the way this seems to me is that Kodak wants his worth known to all and sometimes we say things out of context but to further go in depth about the two, Kodak went at the legend saying he was the best rapper alive then started to tweet other “trolling” statements … the way I look at it, he wanted some clout/recognition and somehow didn’t go about it to well. Apparently letting bygones be bygones the feud he had ended with him issuing a apology. He definitely gave Wayne hella love when talking about the way he came up and stared his career. In all reality, Wayne didn’t really give care to much to comment because he still doesn’t know who Kodak is seemingly. His daughter came into play when Kodak said she was bald headed and from his words he didn’t say that, on live he said “nobody said that to that lil girl”. nobody ain’t say that too that lil girl I ain’t no peon, I ain’t no shordy”. The whole feud is wild to me but I’m no judge.

Was the actor Jussie Smollett really beaten or was it fak

Toward the end of January, the actor from the show empire by the name of Jussie Smollett. He was involved in a incident where he was beaten up and called homophobic remarks that lead to him being left on the sidewalk. He stated that he was initially jumped and beat brutally but something about his story wasn’t adding to officials who got to the scene. After his interview with ABC news anchor Robin Roberts he said he was hurt over people questioning his story and didn’t believe that he was actually telling the truth. When the news finally broke about what happen, it was absolutely evident that he was lying and staged the events that came about. He paid two gentlemen about 3500 to physically assault him and say derogatory terms that made it seem like it was a racist attack but it later was determined that  he did this because he was unsatisfied with his pay on the show and wanted more. He’s been charged with disorderly conduct and filing a false police report, he could be facing some real jail time from this stunt but a lot of people such as Tyler perry are backing him and trying to find some resolution in the problem he made but every thing remains to be that he lied about the whole situation.

Gucci controversy over black face clothing

Within the past week there’s been some uproar over brands such as Gucci and Moncler introducing pieces that had a lot to due with blacks and the culture that sparked outrage all over. Gucci had a white model that was shown in a turtle neck that covered the mouth and had “blackface” on the neck of the shirt and Moncler had a jacket that had blackface printed over the whole jacket as if it was normal or as it would just past over. TI the rapper was livid over social media last week telling and announcing a boycott to all who is of color to not support those brands since they made it clear that blacks didn’t matter even though majority of the buyer’s I’m sure are blacks. He was issuing some changes to the designers of these brands and for it to be removed from stores that maybe received the items from the shipment. To my knowledge, a lot of people were in shock when the pictures surfaced last week and just couldn’t believe how anyone could let it slide as if it was normal, when I first saw it I was in awe even though I’m not much of a expensive and high end buyer myself, I felt disrespected entirely that they could be so causal about it knowing the history of that particularly image. Everyone knows most of the high end brands and corporations are known racist and ignorant about things like this but to bluntly show disregard for what they bring to the store just shows a lot about what white people still think of us (black people).

Grammy recipients outraged over awarding

Over this past weekend, the 2019 grammys aired on cbs bringing out all the major celebs and artist from every genre in music. Alicia keys was the host of the event and brought a casual laid back vibe to the scene as usual, & the dress game that some of these stars and celebs was absolutely unbelievable to me and the amount of money spent just for one night I’m sure was ridiculous. To the winners all the night, best r&b album was given to H.E.R, a singer who has pretty much came from nowhere around a year and half ago making soft melodies for fans who listen to her. Best country album was deemed to Kacey Musgraves for “golden hour”. Album of the year concluded a successful night for the artist Kacey Musgraves and she received two grammy awards last night. Record of the year was a shocker only because it was the first time in grammy history that it was given to a hip hop song, which was “this is america” by Childish Gambino. Also he won song of the year with that same song that made a major statement and had a lot of hidden gems behind it. The controversy that some people didn’t understand was how the new and upcoming artist named cardi B won best rap album, even though she was showered with praises from her fellow musicians, but ariana grande was one of the few people that was in disarray due to the award not being given to the late mac miller, who died from an overdose last year. She called it “Literal Bullshit” not to discard cardi B’s win but she felt as though mac should’ve received it only because of what occurred and the attendance of his mother and being there to receive the award. To me this stuff all seems fake and scripted so I didn’t really catch to much of it, I saw most of it online.

is 21 savage from the uk ?

What’s currently going on in this week news is the rapper 21 savage is being held on a expired visa passport when he was apprehended in atlanta on charges that he could possibly face deportation. Ice says that 21 is from an island that was owned by the U.K. but it comes after 21 recently rapped on a talk show about immigration and the unfair treatment of immigrants. He was unlawfully arrested on a drug charge from 2014 which should’ve been exonerated from his background way back when, and served a 12 month probation for it. Sadly it caught back up to him this past sunday and is being detained by ice. He wasn’t allowed to travel outside the country due to that charge but somehow he was sweeped up and now is made fun of from people on the internet. Demi lovato is one of many who has taken his arrest lightly as if she hasn’t had her own share of problems over the recent years. What has happen to 21 is extremely incorrect and drastically unfair because he is a U.S. citizen and I hope he finds the justice he deserves.

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