Some black girls have a hard time distinguishing what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like. With society becoming what it has in the last decade with social media, music, and movies. Black girls subject themselves to disrespect from men and have a hard time understanding that it is not ok to get disrespected.

With social media being the center of most people’s lives. It has shaped the light in the way we pursue our relationships. We look to social media for validation. We allow social media to tell us what our relationships should look like.

Shows like Love & Hip-Hop, has made it look justifiable to be in a drama-intense relationship with your significant other.

Different music has allowed for black girls to be called names and society has made it ok.

If this continues on, some black girls may never know what it is like to be in a healthy relationship. We must start by reshaping societies approach for relationships by teaching them that the things they see in the media is to be left there. Teach them what real love is supposed to look like. Instill those standards in her so that she is not just settling for anything.

How can we separate the media and relationships? Please comment.