Research has shown that teen dating violence takes place for black girls due to having a low socio-economic status and growing up in poorer neighborhoods. The impact of mental, physical, and psychological consequences is the cause of teen dating violence for black girls.

Although adolescent dating violence does not discriminate for any race, black girls and the black community are more prone to be physically abused by one another in their relationships. Black girls who grow up in homes witnessing physical abuse by the people who are raising her, allows for her to fall into the same kind of relationship as she gets older.

After a being subjected to certain teachings, they become embedded inside. Some black girls may think that this is what relationships are supposed to be like because they were not exposed to anything differently.

When I worked as a Youth Care Worker, I talked to a girl, 14 years old, who had been physically abused by her boyfriend, which is the reasoning for her stay at the group home. After being beaten brutally, she missed her boyfriend dearly. After talking with her, I found out that she came from a physically abusive home watching her mother go through domestic violence.

Children learn from their parents. Parents have to make sure they are setting positive examples for their children. We can almost always understand why a child grows up and acts in a certain manner by looking at the way they were raised.

How do we break this chain of teen dating violence for black girls? Please comment with opinions!