I personally believe that to be black in this country is enough hard work. Therefore, I do not understand why colorism within the black community continues to take place. History has shown that during slavery, light-skinned slaves were thought to be better than dark skinned slaves. Light-skinned slaves worked in the big house, and dark-skinned slaves were sent to work as a field hand. After more than a century, colorism continues to effect the black community putting us against one another for how light or how dark our skin is. Mostly, this starts young.

Darker skinned black girls are often talked about in school because of their color. Other kids refer to them as being burnt like toast, as dark as purple, or simply dirty. Children can be cruel; however, we have to ask ourselves who is teaching them this? Black girls who have to face this cruelty, often have a hard time learning in school, become depressed, or develop low self-esteem.

Society is teaching them this. Society has taught us that lighter skinned people are who we should want to be. Society has taught us how too idolize. It will be up to society to shape our views differently.

If we create more programs and organizations about embracing or empowering black girls, I think this problem would be less effective to a black girl because they would learn how to face that cruelty in a positive light by knowing that they have a beautiful skin color no matter what anyone says.

What do you guys think? Please feel free to share!