Current Group Members: 
• Justine Fang (undergraduate student in Chemistry)
• Alvyn Berg (undergraduate student in Mathematics)
• Sarah Smallwood (undergraduate student in Environmental Engineering)
• Savannah Mitchell (undergraduate student in Environmental Engineering)

Graduated Group Members: 
• Adil Alsaiari (Graduate student in PSM program)
• Jinxi Du (Graduate student in PSM program)
• Stephen Long (Graduate student in PSM program)
• Siyu Zhu (graduate student at Hunan University, Co-advised by Dr. Tang)
• Ty Stewart (Undergraduate student in Chemistry)
• Yanjuan Mu (Visiting Scholar from Hebei University)
• Kuan Huang (graduate student at Penn State Univ, Co-advised by Dr. Tang)
• Danyang Liu (graduate student at Tsinghua Univ, Co-advised by Dr. Tang)
• Yanting Li (graduate student at Harbin Institute of Technology, Co-advised by Dr. Tang)

Dr. Tang (left) brought his IUP students to a local acid mine drainage site near Tanoma PA to collect samples for water quality analysis.

Interested in the exciting research at the Tang’s lab?
       We are always interested in recruiting motivated, curious, and diligent undergraduates and graduate students. If you plan to conduct exciting and productive research in the fields of water and waste treatment, please contact me by email. You will gain the eye-opening experience at multidisciplinary topics (e.g. material science, electrical engineering, computer science, chemistry, and microbiology) by working with students, professors, and engineers in and out of IUP.

My advising philosophy
       I would like to be a mentor of study, career, and life for my students. Research is not just doing experiments in labs, writing papers, or presenting in conferences. Instead, research is the approach of exploring novel concepts, searching solutions to problems, and enhancing the understanding of the life and the world. Independent thinking, self-motivation, broad vision, hands-on experience, curiosity of learning, and professional maturity are the quality that I expect my students to cultivate.
We work together like a “team”. Each member is passionate, and has the hope of applying the research outcome to the real world one day. I exchange research ideas with students on a regular base, and make them aware of the frontier research fields. I explore the opportunities for my students to get exposed to professional development and put my thoughts and effort for them to land a successful career.