Blog Subject: Time Travel and Technology


  • Primary Blog Question
    • When compared, the two film clips help illuminate a key question for this course: How has our relationship to technology changed over time? Our relationship with technology has changed with every new changes in the use of technology in presenting literacy and other types of information to audience.
  • Secondary Blog Questions
    • How has film technology changed?  With the new technology and new ideas in film production field, there has been a dramatically changed in the imagination and creativity of the directors of each film or visual productions. the new technology has enabled the film makers to represent us the viewers the past, present the present and moved us forward to the future expectations.  As we saw in the two films, there is a huge difference in clarity, voice, imagination, in presenting the new film.
    • How have we changed as film viewers? As film viewers, our emotions and interests to types of films has been touched by the new films’ animations. It becomes an easy to find the type of films that interest us easily. in addition, with technology it becomes easy to specify which movies is suitable for viewers based on their ages and to control what our children watch.
    • How has our understanding of time evolved? With the new technology in film production, we understand that the production of this film needs time and efforts to present them to us in such interesting way.
    • How does fiction/science fiction impact our relationship to technology? The production of films during and other types of technology the recent years has brought us closely to learn bout this knowledge of technology. Moreover, to use this type of knowledge to learn about how to use it in our life and use it for teaching our students.

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  1. I agree with your answer to Q2-1. I also found there were big differences two versions of films. Also, I liked your answer to Q2-4! So, the film maybe functions as a bridge between technology and us.

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