Pinterest to Real Life

The great thing about Pinterest is it’s ability to bring inspiration at the tap of a screen. When I was originally looking for some work wear inspiration, Pinterest was my go to.

So how does one recreate these gorgeous outfit photos without breaking the bank?

I have some answers for you!

Answer #1: Scour the Internet! Saw a pin of a girl wearing a gorgeous light blue shift dress? Google “light blue shift dress” and click the “shopping” tab under the search. You’ll get tons of results pulled from many different clothing sites!

Answer #2: Bring your Pinterest board to the mall! Shopping can be stressful, especially when shopping for professional wear. Try walking through stores with your Pinterest app open and ready to reference. I have recently started doing this to remember what I was shopping for!

Answer #3: Click the photo! Sometimes when a photo of an outfit is posed to Pinterest, it is linked to the site that sells the item, so be sure to click!

Today I’m going to show an outfit that I was able to copy an outfit that I had pinned to my “work wear” board.

The shirt I wore to recreate this look can be found here!

The pants I wore to recreate this look can be found here!

The shoes I wore to recreate this look can be found here!


How do you go about duplicating your favorite Pinterest work wear inspiration?

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