Malfunctions during video production
Having malfunctions on a project is always frustrating. One thing I’ve learned this semester about myself was patience that you need to have when it comes [...]
Seeing poor quality videos
As technology evolves so does the quality of videos. I see a lot of the old videos from back in the day and it makes me sad to see because the quality is [...]
When im working on a production
No matter what I will do with my video production skills, I know that I’m going to love it all. If you couldn’t tell from my other posts that I really [...]
New members
Every organization looks for expansion and we take those moments of being able to add new members very seriously. When it comes time to present our new [...]
Learning to do higher productions
Starting to learn to work with cameras was quite frustrating when I first tried it. I started off using cameras at a work program when I was younger, and I [...]
How can i pass this knowledge on to future brothers and generations
The goal of learning for me is to pass it on to the next person. I want to be able to share my knowledge with not just my future children but my brothers [...]
Why video production in a fraternity is amazing
One thing about my fraternity is that we travel a lot. We all like to get together for events, hangouts, or even if it is just to check in on each other. [...]
Issues that came with choosing to do Video Production
At first, I thought to be in video production for my major was going to be just fun and hard work. After all this time taking classes, I’ve come to realize [...]
Why events are good ways to catch good video for a project
There is so much that goes on within Greek life. There is a lot for Greeks to do individually or together at events. Some events get more attention than [...]
Who do I want to focus on when I do my productions?
Having an area of focus when doing productions is what will bring it all together. It all depends on the message you are looking to give when you are [...]
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