Seeing poor quality videos

01/10/2020 - Uncategorized

As technology evolves so does the quality of videos. I see a lot of the old videos from back in the day and it makes me sad to see because the quality is so bad since we’ve moved so far and have made advancements in video pixels. I think that a lot of good videos are a lot of the ones that are out focus.

Our organization has so many brothers that can stroll very well and produce good video work. I think that sometimes it would be cool to recreate some of those videos. I have my own favorite strolls that I would prefer to add things to but those are the way they were created. I also think that reenacting some of those videos would be cool as well because I feel as though it pays homage to the originators and gives them a way to know that they are remembered.

I save all my work on a hard drive so I make sure to keep all backups would be useful as well in case other brothers want a copy of all the strolls we have done and are planning to do it makes it more convenient. These can also start trends and become a tradition throughout the organization. We try to integrate all aspects of what our fraternity stands for with our strolls and steps.

Moving forward new strolls are going to be created, so why not keep things fresh and traditional at the same time. This can also help with sparking creativity as well. I think if videos are poor quality it makes them harder to use for production and so recreating the scenes for these strolls would be cool to show people all the progress the organization makes as a whole as well.

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