Malfunctions during video production

01/10/2020 - Uncategorized

Having malfunctions on a project is always frustrating. One thing I’ve learned this semester about myself was patience that you need to have when it comes to working with technology. You will have all sorts of problems that will pop up sporadically. You will see problems like video damage, file missing, error signs, slow processing or video conversion is slow.

One thing that bothered me the most was when I was trying to download a file one time before I had a class and the file said it would take 30 minutes to export and I sat there for about 45 mins just because of the computer being slow. It was very annoying and made me late for that class. I also had a file mess up on me right before I presented it to my professor for a group review. For technology that has come so far, it still seems like it light years away from moving faster.

The way I saw that I had to solve this problem was by having lower but good quality for some pictures of just resizing some of them. My teacher taught me that if I used 4k 30fps versus 4k 60fps I still get the same good quality but just a little faster speed. When you’re short on time though, I’ve learned for myself that you can use 1080p and still get good footage with that.

Also, I’ve realized that some of the computers are also the problem sometimes. Since the tech is advancing and older computers can’t handle some of the programs as well as others that can make it an issue sometimes. Programs also glitch sometimes depending on how well the process runs but it can also be that if the program doesn’t work as well it can damage the computer as it is processing.

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