Professional Biography

Kathryn is a full time undergraduate student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she studies Criminology. Her transcript shows a variety of her interests in different areas of studies (Communication Media, Accounting, Arabic, Economics, Computer Science, and English). These different subjects have helped her gain knowledge and experience in many fields. Kathryn is graduating in May 2019, completing her undergraduate degree in only 3 years.

Kathryn has worked at Abercrombie Kids and is still an employee at Doherty Plumbing Company Inc. These businesses have given Kathryn varying types of experience. While her costumer service skills were perfected at Abercrombie Kids, Doherty Plumbing has taught her the benefits of data entry and conflict-resolution.

Kathryn has been named the Treasure and Secretary of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Woman’s Club Lacrosse Team. This position has helped her gain leadership skills as well as skills in budgeting, and fundraising. This title has also given Kathryn the chance to improve on her team building skills that she developed as the captain of her high school basketball and softball teams.

Kathryn has a strong interest in the Criminal Justice System and has a strong passion for helping people. She grew up in Fairfax, Virginia which caused her to be around the District of Columbia a lot. This caused her to become a die hard DC fan (except for the Redskins, she can’t stand the Redskins). Being around the DC sports scene caused her to play every sport imagined as a kid. She focused her skills on Basketball and Softball in high school which lead her to win multiple awards for her Softball skills. Growing up in a large close-knit family has taught Kathryn the importance of family and loyalty.