Truancy Laws

In the United States children’s education is very important. Truancy laws however, have gotten out of hand. Truancy laws regard the amount of school children must attend. Breaking these laws can result in parents and children serving jail time. Many professionals are beginning to believe that these laws are unfair and outdated. The individuals whom are usually arrested for truancy are children in unhealthy living situations and poor communities. For many children in the system, school isn’t an immediate priority. Some kids have taken the roles of the parents in their household and are unfortunately to preoccupied with having to find basic supplies to live, then focusing on their education. These children begin skipping school because they can’t go to school and that’s when the law are implemented.

In our system today there are many outstanding warrants on current adults from when they skipped school as children. This is astonishing to me. While I grew up in an area where I didn’t have to worry about going to school, I can’t imagine the amount of pressure on juveniles in these types of positions. I think our government should have a more effective way on how they treat truancy in America. Instead of continuously arresting and put fines on these children and parents in need of help, the government should be using their energy to help them. By helping children in difficult situations explore different educational paths we can help reduce the incarceration rate of juveniles.

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