Day 3: J. R. Carpenter Musings… Entre Ville

Entre Ville:

According to the eLit website, at the core of Carpenter’s Entre Ville is the relationship within her city,  “‘an intimacy born of proximity.'” She claims poetry can be found within the city’s fences, avenues, and homes, and that there is a language within her city that is beyond the spoken word but encompasses all of the senses. We are exposed to numerous examples of poetic verses while exploring her representation of her city. The poetry is obstructed partly by artifacts like her dog and a pair of gloves, each which are interactive in nature. This creates a unique experience for each individual participating. While one may choose to click on everything, some may spend time really evaluating each object/photo/video/poem provided. This creates interactivity.

The intertextuality of “entre guillemets” added an additional depth to this piece that I assume is to entre ville 1be discovered at the close of your exploration. There is a blue stamp in the upper right-hand corner that states “Mile End” in the center. Here you have a bibliography, information on the creation of the work, as well as “entre guillemets” which showcases a series of excerpts from poets and writers. Each piece adds another depth and perspective to the world that Carpenter has created.

One of the reoccurring themes of this section deals with the interconnected nature of the city. Italo Calvino writes “[w]hen you least expect it, you see a crack open and a different city appear” which disappears just as quickly. Everything is in the performativity of the city. Calvino’s message is an element of Carpenter’s purpose. The walking of her dog is responsible for her exploration of the “adopted” city she’s learned to love, because each turn, each crack, is a portal to a microcosm. Her neighbors are all grounded in their connection of space while also separated by the walls they have built.

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