Tyler Haslett, baritone

Tyler Haslett, Baritone

Young Artist Interview

Q: What is your favorite part about being a young artist?

“What I love about being a young artist is the amount of potential that I have to grow in my craft. I always feel like there’s something that I can improve upon, and there are always goals that I have to continuously work towards in order to accomplish. And with the amount of opportunities that come along for younger musicians, working towards these goals are even more important in order to lay the foundation for your musical career.”

Q: What do you believe it takes to be a professional working artist in the field?

“Being a young artist in this field takes a lot of time commitment, a lot of passion, and a lot of energy. If you like any of these three things then it will definitely show in the work that you do, in the songs that you sing or play, and in how you teach others. So many people will be able to see the amount of excitement that you have for what you’re doing, and if that is minimal then people will be able to determine that you don’t care as much about being the artist that you are.”

Q: What can artistic administrators and administration do to support young artists?

“Administrations should be consistently and constantly looking for different opportunities for students to get engaged in the musical world. If these opportunities are not presented to young musicians and artists at an appropriate time, then there are certain experiences that will not be able to be enjoyed.”

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