Elizabeth Lahm, mezzo-soprano

Elizabeth Lahm, mezzo-soprano

Young Artist Interview

Q: What is your favorite part about being a young artist?

“My favorite part about being a young artist is the fact that my voice is still developing and growing, so through my art and creativity, I also get to learn something new about my instrument every day. I also can see a clear improvement in my voice from the time I started seriously working in my musicianship which is encouraging.”

Q: What do you believe it takes to be a professional working artist in the field?

“It takes hard work and a ton of practice. I firmly believe that the moment you think you have ‘made it’ and stop working is the moment you stop succeeding in the field. I will forever be a student, even long after I am done with school.”

Q: What can artistic administrators and administration do to support young artists?

“Arts Administrators can support performers by advocating for them and their rights and their jobs. They can also put the time and funding into creating a positive environment for performers while they are signed with the company. It’s important to create environments that foster  a sense of safety, artistic liberty, and reasonable support for their livelihoods.”

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