Hannah Kauffman, soprano

Hannah Kauffman, soprano

Young Artist Interview

Q: What is your favorite part of being a young artist?

“I think the best part about being a young artist is being able to learn a lot about yourself. In every role that you do and every experience that you have there is something special about it, and there is something that helps you grow. Being a young artist helps me become a better person and more well rounded.”

Q: What do you believe it takes to be a professional performing artist?

“Patience, love, and passion.”

Q: What can artistic administrators and administration do to support young artists?

“Be the backbone of whatever production company is putting on the performance. Sometimes, especially with young artists, I know that I personally have a very strong personality and I’m not afraid to speak up for myself or speak up for others. However, often that comes off as intimidating and unprofessional because I’m so young, but that is not how it’s meant to be. Our administrators can do so much to help us learn the ropes of speaking with either our peers or directors and producers who might be older than we are. I think what is also really important for our admin is to create this safe and welcoming environment for all people in their productions and shows. Especially┬ánow with everything that is happening with Title IX, sexual harassment and issues that come with productions. It’s really important that we create a safe space for everyone including the performers, crew and management.”

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