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Anaphora Literary Press

Do at least 1 book review per week (3 paragraphs) – evaluating an incoming submission. It is likely that you might only proofread and closely edit 1 manuscript of a book between 60-400 pages in length during the course of the internship – and this will require close concentration and detailed work. Manuscripts can be poetry or short story collections, novels, as well as non-fiction projects. The internship is unpaid and will be done by email from your home computer. You should have access to and the ability to use Word, Excel and the internet. You will be asked to do a 3-page sample edit as part of the application process, which will be evaluated for errors and for attention to details. The internships are un-paid, but you will be awarded an editing credit for the job(s) that you work closely on. Interns receive a PDF copy of the “Book Production Guide,” which offers detailed advice on the various parts of the publishing process.


You should have access to and the ability to use Word, Excel, the internet and other relevant programs.

To Apply

Please send a resume and a cover letter stating the internship that you are interested in and any preferences that you might have to the Director, Anna Faktorovich, PhD, at director@anaphoraliterary.com.

Interns that are interested in working on a full-time schedule areĀ preferred due to the deadlines in our production process.

Current college students, college graduates, graduate students, and even mid-career professionals are welcome to apply.

Anaphora Literary Press, Anna Faktorovich, PhD, Director, 5755 E. River Rd., #2201, Tucson, AZ 85750. If necessary, some phone inquiries can be made at, (520) 425-4266.

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