Get Ahead Of The Curve And Start A _____


Content creation through sports media is taking a major turn and you should get onboard before it takes off and it is too late.

The near future of sports journalism and/or broadcasting is shifting into this industry and you can join for almost nothing.  Furthermore, all you have to change is the presentation of your content.  This isn’t a shift in what people want in sports media, it’s simply where they want it.  You can keep your personality or way of presenting information to your audience the same.

The area of business I am talking about is podcasting.

There is a large demographic of sports fans who are young and have very busy lives.  A major problem is finding the time.  The college student and young adult are splitting time between hours of classwork, a part-time job or starting a career, and a social life he or she is trying to retain.  Between all of these things, it is hard for your consumer to sit and listen to a scheduled radio station or television broadcast.

As I said before, you need to cater to your audience because if you can’t bring the content to them at their convenience, you will most likely be passed up.  Obviously, if you put all this together, fewer followers means less income.  This makes the problem more significant because they will move onto the ones innovating and adjusting to their problem.

My solution to you, however, is simply creating a podcast.  Podcast listeners in America as a whole have gone up to 40% in the past two years.  But in regard to people who listen to podcasts regularly is only 24%.  While the industry is still growing marginally, there is a major gap between the creators and keeping the audience.  This is simply because there is nothing for the users to listen to since podcasting is a fairly new source of media.  It’s not that people are tuning out, it’s that they have nothing worth tuning into.

Oddly put, the solution to the problem in my previous solution (confusing, I know) is there is not good enough content and out of the 350,000 podcasts, your audience can’t sift through the boring ones.  Podcasting is just the beginning.  You need to brand yourself and spread the word that you are tapping into this field through social media, word-of-mouth, and almost anything that will get your name out there.

Also, think about what this demographic is doing.  Long commutes to work, countless hours in the library for students, and even morning routines when they wake up with sports media in the background.  Podcasting is perfect because your user can download any podcast episode at any time and listen whenever they want.  They can also fast-forward, rewind, and pause the episode if they want to listen to it later or go back to something important.

What do you think you can do to be recognized among the rest?

What is your stance on the “new era” of the sports media industry?

Becoming Your Own Sports Content Manager


The global sports market revenue, as a whole, brought in roughly $90.9 billion in 2017 and increased $14.8 from last year.

With this market significantly gaining popularity and money, many individuals and companies are tagging along for their piece of the pie.  The issue you are probably having is the substantial amount of people that are taking money out of your piece.

Additionally, the problem is intensified when you are one in a million and have trouble standing out.  Creating creative content will take anyone to the top but I’m here to tell you that’s not all that matters.  While most focus solely on making content entertaining, I’m here to tell you that there are more aspects to becoming a trending, recognizable sports content creator, and manager.

By following these steps, I can help you become the best sports content creator you can be:

1. Be valuable while also credible

The backbone to this whole process would be this first step.  While you could be the most marketed website with more traffic than most, what keeps your audience is valuable information they can use.  This means releasing credible, timely information and not something that “grabs clicks”.  Step one boils down to what information do you have that other platforms do not.

2. Creative and Entertaining

This is where your idea comes to life.  What is important here is being versatile and taking advantage of all different forms of media.  Videos or audio clips of interviews, ways in which the audience can interact with each other such as comments or voting, and images are all ways that will set you apart if done right.  Another idea that keeps your audience coming back is sending notifications when you post or create anything.  Especially when you just start making content, it is wise to send out notifications to your subscribers to keep them updated.

3. Measure your success

Finally, after all, is done with content creating, it is essential to track what your audience loves and hates.  While you may have an idea that you love and think is perfect, in the end, it is all about your viewers and what they want.  You don’t want to turn them off to your content with something that doesn’t work.  Furthermore, content that they love will lead to content that they share with their friends and others.


Are there other forms of media you think your audience could use in the process?  What do you think is the most important step is?  Do you think I missed a step?

Making your own sports brand is easier than you think


“Even if I have something worth telling, how could I possibly let anyone know.”

“I don’t work for ESPN for so there’s no point because no one will hear my voice.”

When having the dream to become a big-time sports analyst or even starting your own brand, these are common statements that hold people back.  However, starting your own brand today with easily accessible technology is easier than you think. The problem usually holds people back simply because they are unaware of how fortunate they are.

The problem escalates when the typical response is “well I don’t have money like everyone else does and I’ll get nowhere.”

You’d be surprised how cheap most of the equipment is to start a website or podcast and even more surprised to find out most of the tools you need are free.  As a result, the solution is a lot easier and simpler than you think.  Just putting in some time and thought with the following possibilities to build your brand can make yourself a name in no time.

The first step in the strategy is making a website.  This will be where everything and anything that you write. It is also where content will be located that you want people to see.  The first step is buying a domain name and for $2.95/month (, you have your solution.  Take that to where you can build your website for free with tools that allow you to customize virtually every part of your website and you’re good to go.

If you are a person that wants to start a Podcast, you will simply need an editing software and a microphone.  Garageband for Macs or Audacity for PC are both free are work perfectly.  Even better, you can you use the mic built into your computer to record.  However, if you want something that sounds a little more professional and clean, you can buy the Fifine K668 that costs $21.99 on Amazon.

Finally, the most important step in the process is marketing yourself and on a consistent basis so people know you are out there making content.  They also can be notified when you post new content too with social media.  And the best part is it is all free. Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram all cost nothing and go a long way.  Just keep everything consistent, professional, and you have multiple platforms to post your media.

Share your ideas in the comments on the start-up process.

Do you agree that it costs almost nothing to be as popular as some of the best doing it?