The Piece Everyone Is Missing


While summer may be one of the more quiet times of the sports year, using these tactics can keep your sports page and content just as relevant as it is during the playoffs.

During the times of year such as the Superbowl, the Stanley Cup playoffs, or even the World Cup, the content is easy to create since your viewers want to hear your opinion.  However, in the summer when things shut down, you have to reach out to your viewers and do something that stands out from the rest.

This is probably the most common problem creators have.  The little content that can be produced doesn’t get to their fans and bigger companies beat them to the story.

To make matters even worse, once your viewer knows what had happened in free agency or the off-season, the opportunity is lost until the next big thing happens.

The solution or tactics I am talking about is being quick and consistent.  

Take for example that the NHL and NBA free agencies.  Both of these leagues have a day every year where players who have a contract that has passed its last year can choose to go to another team.  In regard to writing sports content for games, it is easy to write something the next day or even wrap everything up that happened all week on the weekend.  However, what makes these events tricky is that everything happens so quick and people move onto the next player.  Furthermore, free agency is something you should take advantage of since it’s one of the little forms of content you can write.

Where my solution comes into play is that you need to be well organized and prepared to write a summary of a big name player that had just signed.  An easy way to do this is having your subscribers get notifications for content you write.  Through doing this, your subscribers benefit from knowing everything that happens right when it does and you gain more subscribers and opportunities during the season when the Fall comes around.

In this industry, during this time period, your consumer can get any piece of information in a matter of seconds with the Internet.  It is crucial to have a reputation of doing the same when new information is released even if it is something brief such as a Tweet.

What do you think sets an individual apart from the rest?

Is there anything else I missed that you use yourself?

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