Time Travel & Technology

Primary Blog Question: When compared, the two film clips help illuminate a key question for this course: How has our relationship to technology changed over time?

Response: There are a couple of things about technology nowadays.

  1. New technologies first tend to put people out of their jobs. But they also create new, different job opportunities.
  2. New technologies allow us to save our time on specific tasks. But they also create new, different tasks. Or with such saved time, we are asked or ask ourselves to do other tasks.
  3. Some people welcome new technologies more aggressively while others do so more passively. Some even choose not to use those technologies at all.

Secondary Blog Questions

How has film technology changed?


It did change a lot.

How have we changed as film viewers?

Technologies lead us to different expectations about a film we are about to watch. For example, I know some people who went to a 4D theater and buy an expensive ticket to see a movie (i.g. Avatar) only because of their interest into the technological part of the movie.

How has our understanding of time evolved?


How does fiction/science fiction impact our relationship to technology?