My Earliest Technology Memory

Among many ‘first time’ experiences of encountering technology, the most shocking and intriguing memory is without a doubt about the time when I became a member of a online discussion forum in late 1990’s. Prior to that, I had heard about the internet and related things like chatting and online one-on-one card game (I actually did some chatting and game before; but it was not that fun). Later, by the time the internet became a bit faster than before, I found an English website where users exchange their opinions on several issues. The website was in a kind of infant mode of the public websites which would come later. Very unorganized. Very anti user-friendly. No privacy protection policy. Verbal abuses uncensored. Against all these backdrops that could have turned them down, people, however, still were willing to stay there to talk to and with each other (of course, much of them were nothing more than racist and sexist remarks). People were telling their uncensored and unedited stories, views and emotions, which truly amazed me (even if the things they were speaking often were ugly and certainly not for my political and ethical tastes). One time, I got involved in a fight between two males who called each other by racial remarks. I took one’s side because the other one started it altogether and pushed the person I sided with to that ugly fight. Then, it became all about me and that person and lasted for several weeks, during which my English improved itself a lot.:P