Halloween season is just around the corner!

Hello Viewers! this is Zack Hirsch here. I just wanted to address a few things that might make you more comfortable or accustomed to supporting my campaign. Halloween season is just around the corner, and I could not be more excited then to start a pumpkin carving competition to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs Of America! We encourage everyone already attending this event to dress in the most silly or spooky costumes that they can find. But for those unsure or unaware of the fundraiser, our purpose is to have a great time and share a few laughs by dressing up and carving anything you want (appropriately) into a pumpkin to possibly win a prize. Anyone looking to support a great cause and is interested in dressing up and carving A pumpkin should definitely support/attend this event. One aspect that makes this campaign so cool is that the event takes place on Halloween night! What better way to celebrate a magnificent holiday then to support a great cause and carve pumpkins in costumes. Being that the event is sponsored by our fraternity, I strongly encourage everyone that regularly attends our philanthropy and social events to come and support one of the best fraternities at the Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. Halloween music will be blasting on our high tech speakers to set the mood for this amazing Halloween night. And what better way to be in a good mood then to get down to the Monster Mash! Inappropriate behavior and alcohol will be prohibited at the event. If you need to learn more about the event, you can personally email me at dgzx@iup.edu or look up the Phi Kappa Psi homepage on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up and ready to get their carve on!

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