Reflections from the 2017 New Faculty Orientation

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Fall 2017 IUP Faculty Orientation Attendees, Photo by Tyrone B. Jones

On August 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the Center for Teaching Excellence held a New Faculty Orientation. All new permeant and temporary faculty members, as well as teaching associates, were invited to participate in three days of informative sessions about classroom management, services and resources at IUP, and demonstrations of classroom technology.

Dr. Neal Messer, of the Department of Computer Science, attended. “It was nice to see the energy and enthusiasm of committed teachers and administrators at the New Faculty Orientation. [It was] a great start to a new semester!” he said.

Mr. Zhigang Bai, of the Department of English, attended. “I was quite excited to meet new colleagues and was much impressed by the wonderful lectures, energetic lecturers as well as the experienced organizers of the New Faculty Orientation. These lectures and workshops really answered a lot of my questions and doubts as a teacher new to the teaching related issues in IUP,” he said.

On the second day, Dr. Edel Reilly, Director of Liberal Studies, gave a presentation covering the many components of the Liberal Studies program at IUP. Titled “Measuring Outcomes: Informed, Engaged, and Responsible Learners,” Reilly’s presentation highlighted the various courses that faculty across departments teach as part of the university’s core curriculum. By explaining not only the curriculum, but its relation to the University’s Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes, this presentation helped new faculty understand the connected sequence of courses their students undertake during their programs.

IUP Liberal Studies Categories


The Center for Teaching Excellence at IUP strives each year to send a warm-welcome to new faculty on campus. At many universities new faculty orientations may take place over just one short day. CTE wishes to thank the University President, Provost, faculty, and staff for their engagement with the NFO each year to make it a spectacular three-day event that culminates with the Fall IUP College of Education and Communication’s Technology Day, a free, in-house IUP conference day with sessions centered upon technology.

Written by Lauren Gaynord and Marie Webb

Edited by Dr. Stephanie Taylor-Davis PhD, RD, LDN

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