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How Crimson Riders Eat Out!

A major concern my wife frequently shares is what to eat when we go out. I used to be the guy who dreamed of the all-you-can-eat-buffet! I loved the pizza, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, fresh breads, and chocolate cakes. Best of all, I could eat until it took all eight of my children to carry me to the car! My lovely wife remembers those days and when we go out now she wants to avoid such places and instead look for “Bob’s Tree Bark Restaurant” or something like that.

The truth is, with willpower, you can eat anywhere. I feel so great on 135 carbs a day that I don’t miss the mac and cheese one bit! That’s right, I feel good! Thank you, James Brown! So, I comfort my wife with these words. “Everyone sells sirloin, turkey, chicken, fish, egg whites, and salad.” Generally, that’s true! With one of those proteins and a healthy salad, I can easily find 30 carbs to add to the meal and enjoy every bite! More importantly, when I leave the restaurant I feel satisfied and happy!

So, what could go wrong? Well, cheating for one. Crimson Riders are not on diets. We are fighters! The fight goes on because this is our lifestyle, not a diet and the threat of Type 2 Diabetes never goes away because it is incurable. So, don’t cheat! If you think there is a small enough portion of ice cream, pizza, donuts, cookies, mashed potatoes, cheddar biscuits, and French bread then you are not a Crimson Rider.

Another threat is prodding. “Oh, you have got to try this! Just a bite!” No, you don’t. Remember, a small red potato has 30 carbs! A bite may go as far as doubling your carb intake. While we fight Type 2 Diabetes, I strongly encourage you to be gentle and loving to everyone else. Politely decline, don’t lecture, and assure your friend that your portion is sufficient. It is! Your loved ones just want you to have a good evening out!

Hidden sugar is another threat. Try not to blame the restaurants. Sugar sells! Sauces, glazes, and gravies may all contain sugar. Your server may not know how it was prepared so don’t count on them for nutrition advice. Look for seasoned proteins using herbs and spices for flavor! Forget the dressing and ask for olive oil to be brought to the table. Use it as a sauce on the protein and on the salad. Olive Oil is a super food!

The last threat I’ll discuss today is portions. American portions are too large! All you need to be full, happy, and feeling great is 4-6 ounces of lean protein, low or no carb veggies and fruits for nutrients, and 30 carbs for energy and some bodily functions. That’s it! Ask for smaller portions. Consider the senior meals, look at appetizers as a meal, or get a salad with grilled protein as a meal. Don’t worry. I was a big eater! Many of us are. That is mostly because we eat empty carbs that leave us feeling empty. Crimson Riders eat superfoods that stick with you and leave your satisfied! I promise. It’s true for me; I’m not lying, and (most importantly) I’m not selling anything!

So, what is your favorite meal out and where do you get it? Help your fellow Crimson Riders!