Step 7: Acknowledgements and Expectations

This was actually part of Step 6: Application. But it is important for you to know this and understand that you have legally contracted to do the following. Read through this information CAREFULLY. These are your responsibilities and expectations to ensure a successful completion of the Internship!

As part of the application you will acknowledge that you will:

a. Conduct yourself professionally
b. Continuously work toward the achievement of my internship goals and objectives.
c. Monitor my IUP email on a regular basis (3 to 5 times a week)
d. Communicate with my site supervisor and my faculty supervisor, including communication relating to issues and/or problems that arise pertaining to my schedule, completion of work assignments
e. Work with both my faculty and my site supervisors to arrange my faculty supervisors onsite visit.
f. Maintain a daily log of my internship experience
g. Complete the required minimum hours for my internship experience
h. Complete my final internship project and submit it by the stated deadlines to my faculty supervisor.
i. Complete the required Protection of Minors Training if my internship experience requires me to have regular contact with minors as part of my internship duties.

As part of the application, you must verify that your internship organization has agreed to:
a. Provide you with a direct supervisor who is experienced in the field in which you are seeking an internship.
b. Provide you with a detailed internship job description for the position prior to the start of your internship.
c. Provide you with an experience that will further your learning and knowledge in your chosen field
d. Help you to achieve your outlined educational goals and objectives
e. Complete a mid-term and final performance evaluation on you and submit these evaluations to your faculty supervisor within a timely manner.
f. Meet with your faculty supervisor during his or her on-site visitation.

As part of your application, you must acknowledge that the Communications Media Department will:
a. Correspond with me prior to the start of my internship experience to review my internship proposal and necessary documentation
b. Conduct at least one on-site visit (a teleconference may be necessary if this experience falls outside of 300-mile radius of IUP) and review during my internship experience.
c. During this visit, my internship site supervisor and I are required to meet with my faculty supervisor to discuss my performance and experience.
d. Evaluate my final internship

As part of the application process, you must acknowledge your willingness to abide by the Communications Media Internship Ethics Policy including:
a. Understanding theft of material at the internship site will result in the immediate termination of my internship. This material includes, but is not limited to, promotional material, confidential or proprietary information, software, etc.
b. Understanding the number of credits I place on my Internship Contract is the number of internship credits I will receive which is 9 credits.
c. Understanding the requirements and guidelines for the internship program and that failure to follow these requirements or guidelines could result in the cancellation of my internship.
d. Understand once I have submitted the Department Internship Application (Contract) with the internship site specified, I am NOT permitted to change internship sites unless extreme conditions arise (such as harassment, discrimination, or termination of the internship by the site prior to the start of the internship).
e. Understand University policies for student conduct including academic integrity, civility and Title IX extend to the internship program. Therefore, I understand that I am to abide by all IUP guidelines and policies relating to alcohol, substance abuse, sexual harassment copyright infringement, and other ethical or professional matters during my internship experience. Failure to follow these guidelines and policies could result in the cancellation of my internship (see also IUP E.E. Guidelinse III D).
f. Understand I must provide documentation that I have completed the required Protection of Minors Training.
g. Understand I have received a handout explaining IUP’s Title IX and the protection of Minors Policies entitled Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment, Students of Concern and Protection of Minors.
h. Understand IUP does NOT provide and cannot obtain liability insurance coverage for interns. Should the hosting site require coverage, it is the intern’s responsibility to obtain insurance from a private underwriter.
i. Understand IUP is directly prohibited from entering into any agreement that includes a “hold harmless” or “indemnification provision” for any internship. If required by an internship site to sign any legally binding documents, I will first present said documents
to the Department Internship Coordinator.

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