Step 6: Application

Fill out Internship application at

a. This contract is a formal and binding agreement you are electronically signing; this requires your site supervisor’s approval. Take this with you on your internship interviews. If you are offered an internship that you want to accept, give the site supervisor the contract, ask them to complete page 2 and sign it while you are there.
b. Bring the completed internship contract to the internship coordinator.
c. The COMM Internship Application is located at

Information included on the application form:
a. Your permanent street address.
b. Your permanent city.
c. Your permanent state.
d. Your permanent zip.
e. Your cell phone number.
f. Your alternate phone number.
g. Your COMM 395 Grade.
h. Total number of COMM credits you have completed (including the current semester).
i. Your anticipated date of graduation.
j. Your internship schedule (start date, end date, days of week working, start time and end time each day).
k. Internship Site Name.
l. Internship Site Department Name (if any).
m. Internship Street Address
n. Internship City
o. Internship State
p. Internship Zip
q. Internship Main Phone
r. Internship Supervisor Name
s. Internship Supervisor Title
t. Internship Site Supervisor Phone
u. Internship Site Supervisor Email Address
v. Internship Start Date
w. Internship End Date

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