New Sites

IUP deeply appreciates businesses and organizations that offer internship opportunities for our students! It’s a win/win! Students gain invaluable experience while bringing the latest knowledge and skills to the workplace. There are restrictions, however. In order for a site to be approved, the following conditions must be met.

  • The site must have a signed affiliation agreement with IUP.
  • The site must provide the intern with on-site, direct, full time supervision from a trained professional who has the skills and knowledge that the intern is seeking.
  • The site must offer the internship during the summer.
  • The site must offer the intern 360 hours of work.
  • The site must offer an opportunity that matches the intern’s proposal. Proposals may be negotiated with approval of the intern and the Communications Media Internship Coordinator.
  • The site must provide the intern with a detailed job description for the position.
  • The site must be willing to complete midterm and final intern evaluations during the internship.
  • The site must be willing to meet with the intern’s faculty supervisor either electronically or in person during the internship.

If you would like to offer an internship to an IUP Communications Media student this summer, contact the internship coordinator at or (724) 357-2492.

More Information

For more information about affiliation agreements, visit the IUP Field Experiences Wiki.

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