Becoming an Internship Site (In the Age of Corona)

From Dr. Jim Lenze, IUP Communications Media Internship Coordinator

Why Should You Accept Interns?

Offering internships with your organization is a great win/win scenario! You get well trained temporary employees who are eager to learn and ready to contribute. They get the kind of experience that could never be replicated in the classroom. It’s also a great way to pay it forward; especially when you remember those professionals who gave you an opportunity, guidance, and mentorship when you were starting your career!

How Can You Connect with Us?

So, how do you establish a relationship with IUP’s Communications Media Department so that potential interns can start applying? It’s easy. Send me an email to and tell me you want interns!

Who Does What?

When you contact me, I will send you an affiliation agreement. This agreement simply says that IUP will provide academic credit and a faculty member to coordinate with each intern and the site during the internship experience. The site agrees to provide the intern with a 320 to 360-hour experiential opportunity with direct supervision by a professional who has the experience and/or job title sought by the intern. Interns must perform the bulk of their work at the internship site. Interns must work remotely during the summer of 2021. Under no circumstances, may an intern be required to work any amount at the internship site. Some field work is allowed and even encouraged. That said, our department does not permit remote internships (internships where the student works from home or sells products and services door to door). You also agree to allow an IUP faculty member to make at least one visit to the site and briefly talk to the intern’s supervisor about the internship.

That’s it! You’re under no obligation to take any interns. You interview applicants and make your decisions. When you do accept an intern, you have full control over their work and may, if necessary, terminate the intern for cause as you would any other employee. Some of our interns are paid and some are not. That is between you and the intern.

What are the Distinctives of the IUP Communications Media Internship Program?

Here are few of the distinctives of an IUP Communications Media internship.

  • Our students are trained in professionalism. Before completing the internship, our students must take COMM 395: Career Planning in Communications Media. They learn how to look for jobs, interview, and office etiquette.
  • Our student focus on media production (audio, video, graphics, photography, games, web); media studies (pre-law, pre-philosophy, communications theory); or media marketing (a joint program with IUP’s Marketing Department).
  • Our internships are summer only. Students may only log hours between the middle of May and the first week of August. We do not approve fall or spring internships for any reason.
  • Our internships are a 9 credit course called COMM 493: Internship. We do not count any experience outside of COMM 493 as an internship.
  • Our students are required to complete an internship to graduate.
  • Our faculty will visit every internship site within a 300-mile radius of IUP. Outside of that, we will visit by¬†an online video system such as Zoom or Skype. These visits are usually only 1/2 an hour long. We want to meet you; not get in your way!


While we are currently requiring students to seek a remote internship, there is process whereby the intern may request an exemption and work onsite.

Please Contact Me!

So, please contact me at or call me at 724-357-2492. I’m anxious to connect your organization with our amazing students!

Dr. Jim Lenze, IUP Communications Media Internship Coordinator

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