Johnstown Internship – Event Promotion

Internship description
Greater Johnstown/Cambria County Convention & Visitors Bureau
111 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste A
Johnstown, PA 15906
(800) 237-8590

Special Events Assistant—summer

Company/Organization Description:

The Greater Johnstown/Cambria County Convention & Visitors Bureau is the designated tourism promotion agency for Cambria County. Its mission is to attract visitors to the area through advertising, public relations, special events, and other programs. Currently, the CVB plans and executes large events such as PolkaFest and Thunder in the Valley®, which draw more than 200,000 visitors to the area.

Internship Description:

The intern(s) will work out of the bureau’s office on Roosevelt Blvd. in Johnstown and will also be required to work at the event sites during the two large events. The intern(s) will be given tasks relating to event planning, advertising, marketing, and public relations. The summer-semester interns will be required to work up to 30+ hours per week from May 2018 until mid-August 2018 and will be given a stipend based on performance.

Skills Needed:

Strong work ethic and design/planning/organization/problem solving skills are desired. Writing experience is a must. The ability to use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher is preferred. Candidate(s) must be able to work in a fast-paced, busy environment. The summer-semester candidate(s) must also be able to work during the events which take place June 1-3, 2018 and June 21-24, 2018. Candidate(s) should be seeking a degree in Communication, Public Relations, Journalism or Business Management/Marketing.

Benefits for Student(s):

The special events internship will provide the student the opportunity to be closely involved in all facets of event planning for two major events produced by the bureau. This includes writing press releases, developing media kits, producing newsletters, and taking photos amongst other tasks

Contact Information:
Olivia Bragdon, Communications Coordinator
Greater Johnstown/Cambria County Convention & Visitors Bureau
111 Roosevelt Blvd., Ste. A
Johnstown, PA 15906
(800) 237-8590

How many applications should I be sending out?

My recommendation is that you send out 10 applications every business day, once you’ve completed COMM 395. That may seem like a lot, but it isn’t. You have the resume, cover letter, a writing sample, and a production sample. So, filling out applications should be a breeze.

In COMM 395 you learned how to search for internships. Find them and apply. If you are having trouble finding an internship after a month of searching, send me copies of your 220 applications and I’ll review them for problems. Of course, if you don’t have 10 for every business day you were searching, I’ll know the problem.

COMM Open House (Possible Internships)

Renda Broadcasting will be well represented at this week’s open house! If you are considering applying for one of their outstanding internships, I strongly urge you to attend the open house event on Wednesday, November 15 between 3 and 5 pm in the basement of Davis Hall!

Horizon Media Internships in NYC!

My name is Katie McKernan and I recently graduated in August from the Comm Media program at IUP. I wanted to reach out because I recently began a new position at Horizon Media in New York City and I was just made aware that they have an internship program. I don’t believe they are posting for positions yet, but it could be something to keep in mind just in case.

How do we get an affiliation agreement with a site?

This is a common question. While we already have hundreds of sites with affiliation agreements, you might find an internship with a site that has no relationship with IUP and has never signed an affiliation agreement.

There are two approaches. The first is that you may request that I send an affiliation agreement before you are offered an internship. While this has worked in the past, it is not as successful as waiting until an internship is offered.

That leads us to the second approach: Sending the affiliation agreement after an offer of an internship is made. In the second approach, the site already knows you and has decided they want you! They are much more likely to sign the agreement at this stage. I recommend that you ask me to send an affiliation agreement after you have been offered an internship.

Remember, you must submit an internship application before April 1st if the site is not affiliated.