Changes to Prior Post

Please note: this is an amended version to the previous post. Only face-to-face internships are canceled. Remote internships are, at this time, still possible for Summer 2020.

Seniors Will Still Be Able To Graduate!

March 30, 2020: Chancellor Greenstein announced today the suspension of in-person classes across Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities will continue through the summer session, and all in-person learning experiences, including clinical rotations, internships, student teaching and field trips, are suspended.

Rest assured, the Communications Media faculty are working to offer alternatives to face-to-face COMM 493: Internships so that all Senior Communication Majors who were planning to graduate by August or December will still be able to do so. In the coming days, the department will formulate a plan and communicate it to you. You are our majors and we will take care of you!

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