Adjustments to COMM Internship Program

First, let me say that your faculty have been working hard to make sure you graduate on time! You are our majors and we will always do what is in your best interest. In these very difficult times, remain calm and know you have advocates working for you!

The Department’s Curriculum Committee met and worked out some changes to the program that should make it easier for you to find an internship this summer. Please be advised, especially if you are a junior, these changes are only for Summer 2020 due to the ongoing situation with Covid19.

Adjustments for Summer 2020

  • The department will extend the internship completion date into the fall. An Incomplete (I grade) will be awarded for the summer grade. You will work out the exact date and requirements with your COMM 493 instructor. This will allow you to accept internships that start after June. Dr. Lenze will accept applications for internships into June on a case by case basis using the COMMINTERNS website and application process.
  • The department will allow interns to work remotely. Logging hours is still required. In the past, you had to work in a professional office. You may now work remotely, so long as you are still supervised remotely by a professional and log your hours. Remember, you must work 40 hours for each credit (COMM 493 – 9 Credits – 360 hours & COMM 793 – 6 credits – 240 hours).
  • The department will strongly consider approving an internship for any work experience that is professional in nature, with supervision by a professional. This includes professional work that is on the fringe of our discipline including sales, management, coaching, and officer level military duty. It is up to the student to justify the experience on the departmental application.
  • The department recommends that students who are not graduating by May 2021 should strongly consider completing the internship in Summer 2021.
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