Early Admission to M.S. Degree in Strategic Communication

IUP M.S. in Strategic Communication

Following up on the presentation to COMM 475 class regarding the Masters in Strategic Communication, here is some additional information. In the program, students will have to opportunity to expand their writing and pre-production skills, and gain a greater understanding of the many dimensions of the field of communications.

As several of our Strategic Communication students mentioned, the program is a great opportunity to expand your capabilities, gain more experience, explore career options and position yourself for the job market. For many employers, a masters can make you more competitive for jobs that require a record of experience. It can better position you for professional or managerial positions in a range of fields including health communications, social media marketing, event planning, higher education, and political communications.

Graduating? – For those of you who are graduating before fall, the program is 36 credits and can be completed in one-year going full-time. Classes are offered evenings – typically two nights per week – and online. If you are employed, part-time options are available. Graduate Assistantships with partial tuition coverage are still available but are going quickly! If you’re interested in an assistantship, apply quickly!

Junior Standing? – If you will be returning in the fall to continue with your undergrad program, you can apply for early admissions. Early admit students can take up to 12-credits at the undergrad tuition rate and, depending on your program, these can count toward both your bachelors and masters – saving you time and money.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, feel free to stop by (126 Stouffer Hall) or email Dr. Piwinsky at mark.piwinsky@iup.edu or Sarah Everett at s.j.everett2@iup.edu.

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