IUP Internship with University Division of Marketing and Communications

Division of Marketing and Communications
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Sutton Hall, Room 334
1011 South Drive
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705
P 724-357-3062
F 724-357-7993
IUP Media Relations Internship(s) – Indiana, PA

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Media Relations Department is seeking a responsible and qualified student, possibly more, to intern with our two-person department which is part of IUP’s Division of Marketing and Communications. The focus of this position will be execution of ideas. Your goal is completed productions, so you walk away with content to show a potential employer. If you’re a motivated student with some news background, an ability to create with a penchant for production, you’ll be perfect for this opportunity. Primary responsibility of the chosen individual will be the creation and execution of a 15 to 30-minute TV segment to eventually be broadcast on IUP-TV. The first weeks of your internship will be spent researching topics. The second portion will be executing and producing your research in a live production. The third part of your internship will be postproduction of the content you recorded. The program will be shot as a live-to-recording segment in the IUP-TV studio. Content will be public affairs in nature, to benefit/educate a general audience.

All aspects of pre, pro and postproduction to include:
♦ Researching appropriate content for production
♦ Suggesting potential interviewees for segment
♦ Developing questions for segments
Setup, manage and coordinate production schedule for eight (8) in-studio productions:
♦ Logistics for recording segment to include:

 Coordinating schedules for hosts/interviewee/space
 Directing the segment
 Finding crew for production recording
 Utilizing IUP-TV studio equipment to maximize quality
 Inserting b-roll as necessary

♦ Postproduction of segment, distribution and delivery to client

Other duties as required.

• Resume and cover letter detailing how you can create the content detailed
• Junior standing at IUP
• 3.0 GPA
• Writing, production and communication skills a MUST
• Must pass editing and news writing test

• Excellent attention to detail
• Experience in studio production
• Experience in creating graphics/postproduction
• Capable of interactions with strangers
• Be proficient, professional, reliable

Send required materials to skeppich@iup.edu by March 15, 5:00pm. Indicate in the subject line INTERNSHIP APPLICATION.
In-person interviews will be held.
**Preference will be given to those who have experience in producing a TV show or a radio program**

Division of Marketing and Communications
Sutton Hall, Room 334
1011 South Drive
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705
P 724-357-3062
F 724-357-7993

If you are interested in Media Relations/Public Relations and believe your skills might not fit the above intern qualifications and want to you to be a contributor to our office, write a cover letter explaining how your skills would be an asset to our team. There is potential to turn your internship into a work-study job in fall of 2020 if you are eligible for federal student aid. While you’d primarily work with Media Relations as an intern for summer 2020, there is opportunity for your skills to be utilized across our division. The Division of Marketing and Communications tells IUP stories to the world, though television, print, and all types of digital media. If you have an interest in communicating to a variety of audiences through writing, graphic design, marketing, multimedia, social media, videography, or web design, this is a great opportunity to get hands-on, real world experience.

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