Early Admission to M.S. Degree in Strategic Communication

IUP M.S. in Strategic Communication

Following up on the presentation to COMM 475 class regarding the Masters in Strategic Communication, here is some additional information. In the program, students will have to opportunity to expand their writing and pre-production skills, and gain a greater understanding of the many dimensions of the field of communications.

As several of our Strategic Communication students mentioned, the program is a great opportunity to expand your capabilities, gain more experience, explore career options and position yourself for the job market. For many employers, a masters can make you more competitive for jobs that require a record of experience. It can better position you for professional or managerial positions in a range of fields including health communications, social media marketing, event planning, higher education, and political communications.

Graduating? – For those of you who are graduating before fall, the program is 36 credits and can be completed in one-year going full-time. Classes are offered evenings – typically two nights per week – and online. If you are employed, part-time options are available. Graduate Assistantships with partial tuition coverage are still available but are going quickly! If you’re interested in an assistantship, apply quickly!

Junior Standing? – If you will be returning in the fall to continue with your undergrad program, you can apply for early admissions. Early admit students can take up to 12-credits at the undergrad tuition rate and, depending on your program, these can count toward both your bachelors and masters – saving you time and money.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, feel free to stop by (126 Stouffer Hall) or email Dr. Piwinsky at mark.piwinsky@iup.edu or Sarah Everett at s.j.everett2@iup.edu.

IUP Internship with University Division of Marketing and Communications

Division of Marketing and Communications
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Sutton Hall, Room 334
1011 South Drive
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705
P 724-357-3062
F 724-357-7993
IUP Media Relations Internship(s) – Indiana, PA

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Media Relations Department is seeking a responsible and qualified student, possibly more, to intern with our two-person department which is part of IUP’s Division of Marketing and Communications. The focus of this position will be execution of ideas. Your goal is completed productions, so you walk away with content to show a potential employer. If you’re a motivated student with some news background, an ability to create with a penchant for production, you’ll be perfect for this opportunity. Primary responsibility of the chosen individual will be the creation and execution of a 15 to 30-minute TV segment to eventually be broadcast on IUP-TV. The first weeks of your internship will be spent researching topics. The second portion will be executing and producing your research in a live production. The third part of your internship will be postproduction of the content you recorded. The program will be shot as a live-to-recording segment in the IUP-TV studio. Content will be public affairs in nature, to benefit/educate a general audience.

All aspects of pre, pro and postproduction to include:
♦ Researching appropriate content for production
♦ Suggesting potential interviewees for segment
♦ Developing questions for segments
Setup, manage and coordinate production schedule for eight (8) in-studio productions:
♦ Logistics for recording segment to include:

 Coordinating schedules for hosts/interviewee/space
 Directing the segment
 Finding crew for production recording
 Utilizing IUP-TV studio equipment to maximize quality
 Inserting b-roll as necessary

♦ Postproduction of segment, distribution and delivery to client

Other duties as required.

• Resume and cover letter detailing how you can create the content detailed
• Junior standing at IUP
• 3.0 GPA
• Writing, production and communication skills a MUST
• Must pass editing and news writing test

• Excellent attention to detail
• Experience in studio production
• Experience in creating graphics/postproduction
• Capable of interactions with strangers
• Be proficient, professional, reliable

Send required materials to skeppich@iup.edu by March 15, 5:00pm. Indicate in the subject line INTERNSHIP APPLICATION.
In-person interviews will be held.
**Preference will be given to those who have experience in producing a TV show or a radio program**

Division of Marketing and Communications
Sutton Hall, Room 334
1011 South Drive
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705
P 724-357-3062
F 724-357-7993

If you are interested in Media Relations/Public Relations and believe your skills might not fit the above intern qualifications and want to you to be a contributor to our office, write a cover letter explaining how your skills would be an asset to our team. There is potential to turn your internship into a work-study job in fall of 2020 if you are eligible for federal student aid. While you’d primarily work with Media Relations as an intern for summer 2020, there is opportunity for your skills to be utilized across our division. The Division of Marketing and Communications tells IUP stories to the world, though television, print, and all types of digital media. If you have an interest in communicating to a variety of audiences through writing, graphic design, marketing, multimedia, social media, videography, or web design, this is a great opportunity to get hands-on, real world experience.

Media Marketing Internship in Murraysville, PA!


Reflex Brands is always looking for interns! As a bit of background information, our company just got one of our largest clients, FlexScreen, asked to be on ABC’s Shark Tank in January, which was primarily due to our marketing efforts and digital presence on behalf of the company. We have a creative team that tackles everything from website design, social media management, video production, photography, and other digital marketing for clients across various industries.

Interested students can call (724) 576-2007 or email Karen Plate (IUP Communications Media Grad – 2018), Creative Designer or our Project Manager, Nicolas DeSarno, at nicolasdesarno@reflexbrands.com.

NASA Internship (Audio Storytelling)

NASA Audio Storytelling Internship

Unofficial Application Guide [updated Feb 5 ]


NASA is looking (and listening) for a new type of audio storyteller to help us craft compelling audio content for a new, short-form NASA podcast. You will be working on stories from a diverse set of science and technology themes such as planetary, Earth science, heliophysics and astrophysics.​ You’ll gain on-the-job experience as you research, script and produce audio stories about some of NASA’s most exciting missions. You’ll pitch new episode ideas and follow them from conception to completion, keeping the audience in mind at every stage.

Desired Skills

We’re looking for an audio storyteller with boundless curiosity, a creative spirit, and a passion for sharing engaging stories with diverse audiences. You should have a portfolio that demonstrates strong production skills, creative approaches to audio storytelling and a knack for finding compelling tape. We’re looking for an intern who can leverage their strong writing skills to build informative and engaging story arcs.

*Applicants should be familiar with Adobe Audition or a similar audio production software*

Location:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Summer Session: 10 weeks, starting June 2020 (app deadline: march 8 | rolling interviews)

Fall Session: 16 weeks, starting late August 2020 (now accepting applications)

Stipend: 11.2k undergrad, 14.4k grad – for 16 weeks (less for 10 week internships)

Eligibility: Must be a current student, or no more than three months past graduation

Questions?  katie.e.atkinson@nasa.gov


Writing, editing, recording, pitching, designing, creating, captioning, shooting, snapping, streaming, tweeting, posting, researching, building and exploring. 

💡Candidates are encouraged to include a statement summarizing their goals for the internship, details about relevant classes, descriptions of work experience and links to work samples.

How to Apply

The NASA Internship Office is using a new website and candidates are reporting some navigational challenges.  Here are a few tips to get candidates specifically interested in our audio storytelling internship over the finish line. 

Step 1 →  Get Ready gather your materials together. You’ll need a transcript, a plan to obtain a letter of recommendation and a resume.  Do this before you register.

Step 2 →  Register   https://intern.nasa.gov – our Office of STEM Engagement’s new website can be more than a little tricky to navigate. You’ll need to set up a profile and register on the site before you can view or apply for our internship. The good news: once you’ve done this, you can apply for other positions with minimal additional effort. 

⭐️ Pro tip on recommendation — for the letter of recommendation, the site requires you to submit the name/email of the person who will be writing the recommendation. The NASA site sends them the request, and they submit directly. We suggest notifying them before you register so they are ready. You can’t move forward on the application or even view the openings until one recommendation letter is received. 

⭐️ Pro tip on resume — you may also upload a PDF of a resume or a resume + cover letter. It’s not required, but if you have the time, that’s very helpful for the reviewers. Get those ready ahead of time.  If you are targeting our audio storytelling internship, consider putting links to work samples or your portfolio site on the cover sheet.

⭐️ Pro tip on links to work and including a personal statement — there are places in the application template to add detail about your work experience. Describe your relevant experience and if possible include links to your work. We would appreciate a student statement on why the internship would be a good fit for your career objectives. Consider creating one nice compact PDF with all of this information.

Step 3  → Search for internships 

You’ll find some slots on the application template for key words. This is intended to match you with good positions.  

Pro tip – A key word for this internship is “audio”

Step 4 →  Apply

Select the audio storytelling internship. There’s a little box and your application is sent to the reviewers like seeds to the wind. You can’t really customize anything after you fill out your profile so get all the good stuff in there while you are filling out the template.

Step 5  Interview 

The internship review team will be contacting applicants who seem to be best fits for the positions. We accept applications through March but will conduct interviews on a rolling basis.

💡Year Round Internships – our science communication internships are available year round.  Summer sessions start in early June and go for ten weeks. Consider our longer 16-week internships starting late August through December, and the Winter-Spring session starting in Jan through late April. Stipends are proportional. 

Get to know NASA Goddard:

| nasa.gov | twitter |facebook |youtube|

Questions?  katie.e.atkinson@nasa.gov