Internship Opportunity at IUP


● Requirements

■ Cover Letter of technical skills, background, what you’ve done

■ Resume – Include programs and technical skills

■ Link to online portfolio

■ List of References (3), one should be a COMM faculty member

■ GPA of 3.25 or above

■ Background in: graphics, video, editing, radio, audio

● Projects

■ Website Development


■ Community and Campus Video Projects

■ Develop Course Materials

■ Audio Theater

Students in the internship will learn how to work all of the major studio facilities on IUP’s campus and expected to fill in on audio, video, radio, and graphics projects. This experience is realistic to a production field job and is highly collaborative. We produce content in all areas of the communications field including department promotional materials, shows for IUP-TV and WIUP-FM, and projects for the community. Students will be able to leave with multiple productions for their resume, possible references from inside and outside of the department, and realistic work experience.

● Deadlines

■ First round of applications Feb 12th

■ Rolling application process after first round

● Start and End Dates

■ Internship starts May 13th

■ Finished toward the end of July

● Questions? More Information?

● Project Examples:

Audio Theater: Christmas Carol- Brass Bottle-

SWOOP: RESS- UGRR- Wildcat Band-

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