Graduate Level Internship in Indiana

I’m emailing to ask if you might have any grad students looking for a summer internship in PR/Marketing/Comm at the Community Guidance Center. Please let me know if you have any or if you know someone I can contact about interns. Thanks!


Dr. Brad Rohlf
Public Relations Specialist

Community Guidance Center
793 Old Rt. 119 Hwy N
Indiana, PA 15701
724-465-5576 ext. 10142 (office)
724-762-2699 (cell)

Hard Deadline for The Washington Center

TWC has informed me that they have a hard deadline of May 1 for applications. This means that all application materials must be submitted by that date, including transcripts and letters of recommendation. If you have any students who may want to attend this summer, they need to meet with me today or tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting this great internship opportunity for our students!

Diane Stipcak
IUP Career and Professional Development Center
302 Pratt Hall
Indiana, PA 15705


On Campus, Paid Internship

The IUP Communications Office (not the Communications Media Department) needs an intern this summer in media relations. The work relates to the new brand rollout, writing, and file management. Additional responsibilities will be assigned. This could be a paid internship.

Contact Stephanie Keppich


The Washington Center

If you are interning with The Washington Center, remember there is no site offer form and no affiliation agreement required. When you submit your application, your internship site is The Washington Center, not the organization where you will be working.

I believe TWC is still receiving applications. If you are looking for an internship, it would not hurt to stop by The Center For Career and Professional Development and talk to Diane Stipcak about possibly interning there.

Don’t Send Documents

Please do not send internship documents to Dr. Lenze! All internship documents are submitted via this website. Go to the Step-By-Step Instructions under COMM 493: Internship (Undergraduate) or COMM 793: Internship (Graduate) on the menu bar. Each step tells you what to do with your documents.

Dr. Lenze out Sick

Dr. Lenze has pneumonia. But, he is available via email with questions and you may continue to submit internship documents via the COMMINTERNS website. Do not delay any actions regarding your internship. Do not wait for Dr. Lenze to return to campus. We will accept applications for internships of all kinds (affiliated and unaffilliated) until the 1st week of May.

Flying Pizza!

Event Rescheduled for Wednesday, April 17th at 4 pm.

If you are interested in free pizza and learning more about earning your commercial pilot’s license to fly drones, sign up for a demonstration in the Environmental Pavillion behind Stouffer Hall on Wednesday, April 10 at 4 pm. Dr. Lenze will serve up free pizza, pop (soda if you’re from Philly), and even give you a chance to pilot the drone high over IUP’s campus!

COMM 481 will prepare you to work as an aerial video pilot. You will develop a demo reel of the five most popular drone shots and be ready to pass the Part 107 FAA exam to be a commercially licensed drone pilot.

Please sign up we know how much pizza to buy.

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