7 Stages of IUPattys Participation

Stage 1: Shock and Disbelief

You are shocked and can’t believe that Dr. Lenze is once again urging you to stay away from IUPattys festivities when he knows you are an adult and can do what you want.

Stage 2: Denial

You deny that any potential harm to your internship could come from participating in IUPattys festivities. You laugh at Dr. Lenze’s concerns. Ha ha ha!

Stage 3: Guilt

Things go wrong. Photos and videos are posted to social media. You’re arrested on a minor charge. Family members freak out! Friends laugh. You feel guilty but console yourself with the knowledge that minor legal infractions and social embarrassment can’t destroy a career.

Stage 4: Anger and Bargaining

You are informed by your internship site that you are (a) no longer being considered for a potential internship or (b) your offer of an internship has been rescinded. You lash out angrily. “They can’t do that!” “I have a contract!” “I’ll call my parents!” This is followed by bargaining. “Isn’t there anything I can do?” ” Can I sue?” “I’ll never do it again!”

Stage 3: Depression, Loneliness, Reflection

You now realize you don’t have an internship. No business or organization responds to your calls. Friends are still laughing. Dr. Lenze says there is little he can do. You begin to realize that you are not going to graduate at the end of August with a Communications Media Degree.

Stage 2: Reconstruction and Working Through

Deadlines pass. St. Patrick’s day decorations are long gone. The photos and videos are still on social media and your court date is coming up. You’re now considering changing majors so you can graduate at the end of August without an internship. Mom calls. “I found a job for you at the local ice cream stand! My friend says one day you could make assistant manager.”

Stage 1: Acceptance

You arrive at your parent’s home after a long day of serving ice cream. Your first student loan bill arrives in the mail and your mother hands it to you. You accept it.

A note from Dr. Lenze

While I hope you get a few laughs from this post, your future is no laughing matter. Even when you make mistakes, even big ones, there is always hope and always a way forward. If you find yourself in trouble because you did something wrong, contact me and I will help you recover any way I can. But, the best way to handle mistakes is not to make them in the first place. Please act like a professional this weekend!

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